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  1. Did anyone go to the 2008 show at Koka Booth? Bon Iver opened for Wilco that night. I liked Jeff’s comment about them the other night: “I wonder what ever happened to them?”
  2. I haven’t visited this message board in ages! My first Wilco album was YHF back into 2002. I became a die-hard fan when AGIB was released, however, I thought that album was too mellow and low-key for what I imagined Wilco should sound like. It wasn’t until a few listens where it clicked and stuck. With a little time, AGIB became a masterpiece to my ears. I have anticipated and listened to every album released since 2004. OTJ brings back those same exact feelings and sentiments that AGIB did.
  3. This set didn't really appeal to me until I saw The National perform 'Morning Dew' on The Late Show. I'm liking what I'm hearing so far. There's something just perfect about J Mascis' voice and 'Box of Rain.'
  4. I remember buying No. 4 when that came out and listened to it quite a bit. I sold my copy at some point and only re-bought it from a used bin at FYE a year or so ago. Atlanta is a gorgeous song.
  5. I'm hoping everyone gets to hear the 18 disc set at some point. With technology where it is, I'm sure this can easily happen. I have skipped around these songs and almost every take has something different to offer. It's amazing to see how far 'Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again' progressed. As well as 'Just Like A Woman.' The lyrics for a lot of these songs were not written completely at the time, or had alternate lyrics. The thing that appeals to me most is that Dylan never stuck with a single arrangement for any given song. He seemed to be pretty open to other player's cont
  6. http://www.npr.org/2015/10/30/451169307/first-listen-bob-dylan-the-cutting-edge-1965-1966-the-bootleg-series-vol-12 The best of the Best Of 2 CD set is up and streaming at NPR. Maybe it's just me, but the 1st take of 'Pledging My Time' sounds more appealing than the version that made the final cut. And the piano take of 'Desolation Row' is quite nice...
  7. The 18 CD set is a little costly, but with only 5,000 being produced, the price is somewhat justified. More than likely, this set will fetch higher amounts once it is sold out. The only way I am able to justify buying it is in knowing that I can resell it if need be and at least make my money back. With that being said, there is no way I would have spent this much money on any other Dylan release, collectible or not. It's the music on the discs which appeal to me most. To finally be able to hear these songs take form is going to be a thrill. I have waited eagerly for this release for many year
  8. I think I may avoid listening to this song for a second time if I can help it. I just listened to 'Broken Arrow' for the first time from the 30 Trips set and thought it was pretty far removed from all of the GD I am accustomed to. I may have to avoid that song again as well.
  9. It seems like the Bootleg Series is making a regular appearance now each year. I'm almost wondering if it's because of the EU copyright laws? Anyone remember that extremely limited edition boxed set that was released in Europe a few years back? Now we're getting everything from 1965-1966 which is 50 years after this material was written. Bet the next Bootleg Series will have some John Wesley Harding/ Nashville Skyline outtakes in it. Perhaps even the Dylan/ Cash session.
  10. This is the Bootleg Series I have been waiting for! This is the holy grail of all things music. It's lame that the 18 disc set has all of those extra items, but to finally be able to hear the outtakes of the Blonde On Blonde sessions, I feel the price is somewhat justified. Good thing I skipped out on a vacation this year (and next year, too.) For anyone interested in these sessions, I highly recommend Clinton Heylin's 'Revolution in the Air.' He discusses each Dylan song from 1957-1973 in great detail, including the unreleased songs. His observations of BIABH, H61R and BoB are very illumina
  11. Just listened to Samba for the first time this morning. I finally have technology that allows me to access archive.org and this is what I go to... Just kidding, it wasn't all that bad.
  12. ​Has anyone else picked up the new Uncut with the Ramble On Rose disc? I figured they would discuss this lost album in a little more depth but that did not happen. This seems to be just a regular old compilation put together by 3 fans. I am glad they chose songs from different shows. It would have been easier to source the Europe '72 shows for almost every song, but instead we get a nice mix. The Brown-Eyed Women from 8/24/71 is particularly nice with a faster tempo and alternate lyrics.
  13. http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/6663955/bob-johnston-dead I'm very bummed to hear this. This guy was a legend. He produced most of my all time favorite albums.
  14. Imagine a double LP of these songs. Everyone else seemed to have been putting them out around this time. Nothing against Ace or Garcia, but a proper GD album would have benefited these songs much more. I sent Dave an e-mail asking about a possible working track list of this elusive album. If he shares anything of value, I will let you guys know.
  15. Robert Hunter said that he had wanted a follow-up to American Beauty with those kind of songs on it. There was even a title for it but I forget what it was supposed to be called. This would have been a killer successor to American Beauty! I don't understand why it never happened... How did they omit Bertha?! I'm sure that would have been the album's opener.
  16. Some of the music reminds me of David Bowie. I'm digging it. It sounds a lot different than any other Wilco record (which is a good thing.) While the other records are good, this is the follow-up to AGIB that I was secretly hoping for. Now I think it's that time again for everyone to list their Wilco albums in chronological order!
  17. I tuned in via Pay Per View for the 3 nights and what I was watching really hit me during the opening notes of Let It Grow. It's like all of those years (maybe 10) of listening to the Grateful Dead on a religious basis manifested in this sole moment. I was witnessing that same raw magic live that I had only known through CDs prior. Night 2 was a let down for me. It seemed much more restrained than nights 1 and 3. I'm still reeling over that Jack Straw. Trey wanted to jam a little longer than Bobby wanted. Funny how he started singing right on top of his playing. I still can't believe the
  18. Anyone remember when Ryan use to post on the old RAA board? His user name was wolfhunter (after Jerry's guitar and Robert Hunter.) I've always liked that name.
  19. I'm listening to 5/11/72 now as well. This has become my go-to '72 show.
  20. You guys inspired me to listen to a '72 show tonight. Decided on 5/25. During Dark Star, that happy little jam that accompanied those '74 China Cats makes an appearance. Is there an official name for this melody? Edit: love how that Dark Star is still sizzling into Sugar Magnolia when they decided to change tunes!
  21. I will be sure to check these out. I've always been a 1st/ 2nd set kind of guy but have recently taken more of an interest in the jams. Oh, yes. Forgot about the Live Dead DS. That one is everyone's given favorite! My first '74 show was Dick Pick's 24. Think this was the first Wall of Sound show. It's a 2 disc set so should be relatively cheap on Amazon (especially used.)
  22. That was the first Dark Star> The Other One I ever listened to and it's one mean sounding segue. When they're out exploring on a Dark Star, the last thing you'd expect them to play next is TOO. And then there's an UJB jam sandwiched in the middle! This is, by far, my favorite '69 recording.
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