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  1. Tally people . presale started an hour early at http://www.capitalcityamphitheater.com
  2. NEVERMIND, presale on the venue's website started at 11 est. I got 8th row. Will do!
  3. Anyone know if the noon regular sale for Tallahassee is via Front Gate or Ticketmaster? I don't see it on either site yet?
  4. It's my own danged fault for not reading more closely, but I bought the $47 package and thought I was getting the rarities (sure, I have them all somewhere, but soooo happy to have them gathered in one place for me) a t-shirt AND "What's Your 20." I got only the rarities and the t-shirt. I have all 20 of those songs, so now I'm probably not gonna buy it. Ticked I didn't read more closely and get both CDs instead of t-shirt.
  5. both pretty embarrassing: "I got CHEW and that's all I need" "He had a black guy, he was proud of ..."
  6. Central Scrut: I'd agree with you if this were Paste Magazine or Glorious Noise, but this was in a large daily newspaper and it ran in a spot where we have a review of something the night before almost every morning. And it was at a concert hall where a lot of "patrons," not Wilco fans, were present. It sold out a little suburban art theater. It drew some local curiousity.
  7. My coworker just posted this fine review in today's St. Petersburg Times and Tampabay.com. He admits to being nervous writing about Wilco cuz the fans are so, well, he says "smart." I think he did a fine job. http://www.tampabay.com/features/music/wilco-is-shaggy-but-sharp-at-clearwater-show/1082351
  8. Had I been blindfolded when John sang a portion of "Thank You Friends," I mighta thought Alex Chilton had risen from the dead. They all sounded great, but John was a ringer. Really cool to see Jeff/John/Pat share the vocals on that one.
  9. Yo everyone - request Spiders for Scott please. It's his birthday and Spiders fill out tax returns. I'm being obnoxious now. My apologies.
  10. Oppps, I didn't start this thread. Mine was just named a lot like it. Sorry!!
  11. So I started this thread, and my start seems to be gone. I'm a HUGE Wilco fan. I drag my husband, Scott, all over to see Wilco. Tuesday they are playing 4 miles from our house ON HIS BIRTHDAY. He's not really a fan. I am. He loves Spiders. Really he loves it all, he just won't admit it. But when I take my buddy who loves Casino Queen, they play Spiders. And when I take my husband, they play Casino Queen. So please request Spiders for Scott. He says, "It's tax season. Spiders fill out tax returns." He's nothing if not factual. So there ya go! Laura PS I'm also hoping for a Big Sta
  12. Italian place = johnny's on Coachman. Solid, not great, but fairly good. hooter's = the original on gulf to bay (sr 60). It's much like any other Hooter's, but I still like. we're going to the Whistlestop. Don't come. Service is slow and it'll slow us down (some of us have to work!) Clearwater (not downtown, more outter) really not a place known for great food. Go for fun, not food (thus the original Hooter's, or Pete and Shorty's next door, is really my best rec.). Aftershow. Cool and close = Brewgarden. Cheap and close = Applebee's (2 for 1 , aftershow happy hour- less than 1 mil
  13. I think he does actually love all of Wilco now, he's just too stubborn to admit it. Thanks all! (And Sarah, Wishful Thinking requested!) Tugmoose - I guess I'll see you at spring training, huh?
  14. Okay, so I've become that person who does this. I drag my husband all over the Earth, well at least North America, to see Wilco. He's not a huge fan, but he goes with me and LOVES Spiders. It seems that every time I go with my friend who loves Casino Queen they play Spiders, and every time I go with my husband, they play Casino Queen (and not vice-versa). Sigh. On March 23 they're playing 4 miles from my house. Which is pretty weird cuz I live in suburban Florida. AND it's his birthday. (And it's kind of a stuffy place, so people will need an excuse to get up and jump up and down). S
  15. They're selling the remaining seats only thru the venue. You can sign up to be a member for free, then buy from them. http://tickets.rutheckerdhall.com/tickets/reserve.aspx?performanceNumber=6783 and don't be fooled - the beach is about 15 miles away. This is in a residential, stripmallish part of Clearwater, not downtown, not the beach. But very nice venue.
  16. I think you're envious, not jealous. How's that for condescending? :-) Anyway, I was at one of these shows and luckily read this thread before I shared it my copy. My thought is that this is a stressful situation for Jeff - he's playing in front of 30 people who worship him. He's nervous. We're nervous. He THINKS he messes up songs (he doesn't). It's all very personal. I'd think it would become harder and harder for him to do it in the future knowing that these shows are making the rounds. It's one thing to stand up and sing in front of 2,000 with a band and a plan, it's something entirely
  17. It was all better than I could have imagined. Thanks to our great hosts for opening their beautiful home to us. Thanks to Sue and Jeff for going above and beyond. Thanks to our poster designers (soon as i get that framed, i promise to send you a shot of it in the "poster room"). Thanks to the lady next store forn not yelling when my cab DID turn around in her driveway. :-) Thanks to everyone who "worked" the show. Thanks, thanks, thanks. -Florida Laura
  18. I was going with bottom left, just cuz of the eyebrows. But I can totally see top middle now ... what you guys posted is exactly what the husband said. Who is now doing the "You Were Wrong" dance.
  19. Oh-oh, I may be losing this bet.
  20. Ok, so I bought my husband a Wii and a Wiilco shirt for his birthday. We have a totally different opinion over who is who. I don't think there's any question about it - but he especially disagrees with me over who Jeff is. I'm the fan, so I'm sure I'm right. Settle this for us, please!
  21. Sorry if it's already been said, but Diego Luna http://images.allmoviephoto.com/2008_Milk/2008_milk_001.jpg He even has the outfit right in this pic
  22. Well I seem to have added traffic to the item - last night 1 bid, this morning 6 bids. Sorry!!! But yes, seems odd that anyone would pay that much for something from an artist that isn't all that secretive. Setlists aren't that hard to come by. They talk to fans after shows ... what could be in there that's really worth $50? It would be really funny if it was the book of the Jeff who is in the crew.
  23. http://cgi.ebay.com/WILCO-TOUR-ITINERARY-B...id=p3286.c0.m14 That said, I won't be bidding.
  24. Ok, several years.
  25. Sometimes these arty theaters also have presale "for members only" (big donors). And even tho their presale may be after the Wilco presale, they hold the best seats for their donors. I have, however, gotten front/center thru Wilco presale. Not in many, many years tho (wish me luck in 20 minutes).
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