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  1. Booked flights last night, they can be cancelled without penalty before midnight tonight. I've never done one of these rock vacations, is this going to be something that sells out in a snap?
  2. My favorite location for a show of any kind and one of my favorite bands. Such a beautiful location, and an absolutely perfect summer night. And in the pavilion, my favorite kind of physical arrangement for a show; seats, so one can sit before they start, and to serve as a little reserved personal space areas when standing during the show. Everyone's got it pretty much covered above, except I'd like to mention the outstanding mix. I remember when they built the facility, reading about the sound system that delays audio to each speaker so it matches the time that sound arrives from stage.
  3. I could even throw in some bonus Bulls tickets in addition to whatever the ticket costs.
  4. Sold out so fast, I wasn't expecting that. I only need one.
  5. That was little joke, but you know what I mean.
  6. I so rarely post here and it's been so long, but I'm just so damn excited. THANKS WILCO! Top Three: RNG, You Satellite, Magnetized. But I like them all and love the sequential album-y feel. Can't wait to hear the songs live tonight. I think You Satellite is going to be a builder with total extended face melting at the end. I'm hearing Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd in there, especially in Magnetized. (And that's a good thing.) Other influences: Beatles, Early Wilco, Dylan, and something else. I'm not quite getting it. Like Love N Rockets or something, or whoever influenced them. And good
  7. Quick note from last night's great show: They took the stage and before starting Sunken Treasure Jeff had a brief chat with Glenn. I was about 8 people back and couldn't make it all out, Glenn was waving his hand in a way that suggested 'no big deal' and reading lips it looked like he was saying, "I'll be fine," and "no problem," etc. After a few songs Jeff told the crowd, "I'd like you to know the Glenn played the first three songs without monitors." So, go Glenn!
  8. Aside from the song selection, for me the show was so unique and awesome because they went almost 90 minutes without an energy peak. And they pulled it off. High level of difficulty (as Jeff said) and they stuck the landing. Most bands won't go more than the first three songs without a crescendo of some sort. There were some upswings along the way, but it wasn't until Impossible Germany that they blew it wide open. And Nels was the Nelsiest Nels I've ever seen during this song. I think he left his body. How appropriate that the next song was Standing O after the very elongated and energ
  9. Thanks! email: briansand66@yahoo.com
  10. Two at below fact still available, see details above. Email: briansand66@yahoo.com From Wilco Facebook today: The July 8 Geneva IL ballpark show is at approx 12k tix sold & on track to be Wilco's biggest headline show ever. (Current record: nearly 13000 at the Brooklyn Cyclones ballpark in 2009.) Geneva: fewer than 2k tix remain. If you''re coming out to help us break that record, you best get on it
  11. Hi, Summer plans are leading us in a different direction, and my wife and I find ourselves unable to attend the Wilco show on July 8 at Kane County Cougars ballpark (Fifth Third Ballpark) in Geneva, IL. As tickets are still on sale for this show, I am offering our tickets at a decent discount. Face is $50 / each, with fees the total for the two was $123. I'll sell both for $90. I can send you my confirmation email and you can print tickets yourself. Please message me if interested. Thanks
  12. @pkmonaghan Patrick Monaghan Just announced! @Wilco to play The Matchbox Dec. 25. No advance tickets. No will call. In fact, no tickets of any kind will be available.
  13. Hello, Long time fan shut out on all pre-sales, the main sale, and when they released more. (Had two on the last one but Tickmaster error'd out.) Can't make the Riv show and would much rather buy directly from a fan rather than a broker! Blackhawks fan? I get Blackhawks tickets from time to time but won't sell them. However, I'd love to pay face value (including fees) for your Wilco tickets and then as a thank you invite you and a guest to join me gratis at a Blackhawks game down the road, if you'd like. If this sort of thing isn't allowed, someone from the forum let me know and I'
  14. I was in on the second that they went on sale, got through the selection and capta very quickly, and was shut out. Something doesn't seem right.
  15. Park on the street on Jackson Blvd in the vicinity of Racine. Free, well-lit, and two blocks directly north of the venue. But wait until I park their first.
  16. UIC Seating Charts: http://www.uicpavilion.com/event-guide/seating-charts.php I'm still not sure what the "Dance" section means. It says General Admission, but also has a row number and seat numbers. I'm guessing it's just G.A. on the floor.
  17. Had some time to waste at work and I'm sick of Tetris. Some of these may be off by one full year. I missed a few, including First Ave and Summerfest, but I couldn't even begin to say when they were. More than six years ago. 11/23/94 Lounge Ax 6/16/96 Vic 7/04/96 Petrillo Band Shell 10/23/96 Lounge Ax 5/22/97 Riviera Theater 5/7/99 Riveriera Theater 8/20/99 World Music Theater 11/24 99 Riviera Theater 8/12/00 Chicago Rock The River 11/22/00 Riviera Theater 11/23/01 Riviera Theater 4/21/03 Otto's Dekalb 5/19/04 Otto's Dekalb 10/30/04 Auditorium Theater 12/31/04 Madison Square Garden 2/2
  18. Sale started two minutes early. First time I've ever been successful with a presale.
  19. I can't get enough of this song. I liked it enough the first time through, but it's been growing on me ever since. Maintaining a groove while building this intense tension is fantastic. There is limited relief here and there - especially at the main musical interlude in the middle - but it only serves to offset the tension and make it stand out more. I kind of take the points of relief as the view from outside the car; the majestic and beautiful black car cruising down the road in the setting sun as seen from the outside. And when the tension builds back up, you're back inside the c
  20. Sounds about right, but I remain hopeful that all the blood is a metaphor for a relationship ending badly. Not that Jeff isn't allowed to write murder songs, but I relate to it better when it's about a relationship. Regarding comparisons of this song to Spiders, I don't believe I'll ever see Jeff leading an audience participation clap-along to this song like he does sometimes with Spiders. No comparison. Oops, this should probably be in the BBN thread.
  21. The frantic and breathless way Jeff sings, "I can't calm down, I can't think" in BBN. Also, the "PICK UP!" 's at the end of the song. A call for help? And to whom?
  22. Thanks so much. Anyone know what kind of guitar he is playing in stof? (he played it a lot, both nights.)
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