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  1. regarding on an on as the closer ... i feel like at every show i have been to, there is always one song that tweedy sings with such emotion that it becomes a completely different song than what i had previously been listening to. that night it was on and on. it was so beautiful. so visceral. it left me with a lump in my throat. perfect close to the set. it felt like a gift. this band is amazing. their musicianship is top notch and they floor me each time i see them. most often its glenn that i can't take my eyes off of. that night in philly it was pat. but ultimately its tweedy.
  2. here's what i remember: sunken treasure mountain bed airline hesitating beauty muzzle of bees you are my face handshake drugs side with the seed shot in the arm she's a jar jesus etc. nothing'sever at least that's what you said via chicago impossible germany hummingbird pot kettle black ITMWLY Walken hate it here on and on red eyed and blue i got you hoodoo voodoo jeff said they were happy to finally be playing a philly show with a roof over their heads, that the foo fighters suck, and not to forget to watch SNL next week good to have them come to town after so long
  3. coincidentally, i was making a list in my head today of shows i saw this year that floored me. top two spots go to: califone with the bitter tears dirty projectors
  4. I've been wishing for sometime now (since I saw a MM&W show there a ways back) that they would come and play the Kimmel Center. But I think that the Tower would be most likely. The Tweeter would not be my choice. Just let them come back and soon.
  5. I can't figure out the exact topic of this thread but on the side topic of why some fans aren't fans of SBS, I can offer these two cents... There is no sound that I expect from Wilco. Each album, post AM, has surprised me and impressed me. I always find it hard to describe the band expect to say that they play rock music. I've often said that Wilco is like PBS - always quality programming. No matter what they do musically, they most always do it well. For me, what is lacking in SBS is a feeling that I always associated with the band's music. I am sure there will be examples to argue t
  6. so good, so good, so good. please go see them. i may have missed the show tonight in philly if not for wendy's encouragement. thanks.
  7. i was developing a crush on .... even before the DFW quote. its funny that this thread can even keep going after that speech.
  8. Everytime Wilco comes out with a new album, I think its the best one they ever put out. This has been happening with SBS over the last several weeks. It happened with AGIB, YHF before that, and ST before that. But each time I think this, something happens that makes me throw BT back on and everytime I am astonished by how good that album is. The whole thing is good but disc two kills me. The best last track ever. The best possible song to play just before said fabulous last track. Dear god, the best opening track! Plus you get all the magic in between. This music makes me weep it
  9. I guess it matters about as much as discussing the fact that the CD is available at Starbucks. I was just curious. I would imagine that there would be a group of people that would love it, as I do, and be amazed at how Wilco has presented so may different sides to the same thing over the many years. I bet there is a group of people that could love SBS and never get into the older stuff just because the sound is so varied.
  10. so what if you are that guy that splurges on the CD while making your $4.00 coffee purchase. You saw it there next to the Maroon 5 CD and thought it must be good. And then you loved it. All the grooviness of SBS made you swoon. So you start checking out the Wilco back catalog. What do you think happenes then? How would some like that react to IATTBYH, ALTWYS, or Monday even?
  11. for me its the guitar break from YAMF.
  12. for that summer leg of the tour last year when they played canada, i remember the intro as henry and the H-bombs done on horns. is this wrong? and then later for the fall they had that japanese music which was airy and fantastic. i missed the intro for the sydney show but loved that they played "do it to be satisfied" at the end.
  13. "phone" Hanging On The Telephone - Blondie The Saxophone Song - Kate Bush The Red Telephone - Love I Want Wind to Blow - The Microphones Microphone Mathematics - Quasimoto "wicked"
  14. Sorry for the thesis that will follow but since this thread started I've been doing a bit of thinking and listening. The beauty of this piece, I think, is how perfectly the sound and the music feel against the lyrics. The sound is discordant but hopeful and sweet. I hear the lyrics speak of two ideas of America that are discordant. There is an idea of America that is so beautiful and hopeful that it breaks your heart. Then there is an America that presents itself that you could spend a lifetime trying to understand exactly how it got so far away from the idea that you had. There is a r
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