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Reflecting off your CD forum?

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There's been a shake-up!


Looks like ELT is now a heading for all the forums except Reflecting... (so, I'm guessing that the new VC torrent tracker is going to also going to be a sub-forum in that same section). And what used to be ELT is now Just a Fan, and Greatest Lost Tracks is now Someone Else's Song...


Anyway, scroll down past Speakers Speaking in Code, it should be there.

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Thanks. I noticed the difference but I usually don't go down there!

don't let your wife/GF hear that! :lol


but yeah, i seperated it out, as i'm going to group it with the upcoming torrents forum/section as maudie sleuthed ;)


the other ones i left where they are, just renamed the ones maud posted about, seemed to be more descriptive of their content.

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i like it. i think it has potential. although i'm still getting used to things.


while ELT is still a forum header, i think "Trading / Torrents" is a little lacking. how about we call that "Greatest Lost Tracks" 'cause that's what we a re looking for, ain't it? no? okay, sorry.



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