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That's totally true about the Clinton years going into the Bush years. Many people say the real estate crisis was already being brewed back in the Clinton days.


The budget however, looked great under Clinton. Then Bush took us on two failed wars, one of which was based on a lie, the other he had no conviction for. While him and Cheney were sending us on some wild misadventures they were also cutting taxes.

But the main reason the budget looked great was the smoke and mirrors of the internet bubble. I think Bush missed a HUGE opportunity (not that he was looking for it, unfortunately) following 9/11 to bring discussion of sacrifice back into the political realm. People would have been willing to or shamed to pay more taxes or buy something like war bonds to support the fight in Afghanistan (if not Iraq). Tom Friedman at the time was calling for a $1/gallon gas tax. That would have been politically more difficult than Friedman let on, but the idea was in the right direction.


The tax cuts themselves weren't a bad idea, given the surplus. But keeping them in place in the face of 2 wars and the huge deficit was a tragic mistake.

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We're back to "I don't care who started this one, I'm finishing it".


Next posts in this thread need to be constructive and show some legitimate reasoning behind them (there have been plenty of those in this thread already, so I know you're all capable). Or we'll lock it and start again, with much more heavy-handed moderation.

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