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Wilco--9/20/11 Boston

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Amazing show, so glad I was able to go! Does anyone have any suggestions for where I could buy that poster from the show?! The one that has WILCO on the Citgo sign, absolutely love it and I've been looking for it for ages to get for my boyfriend for Christmas. It's sold out on their site though! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


Another great show! Although 'An Evening with Wilco' in April 2010 was three solid hours of amazing Wilco-ness. I would LOVE 39 songs again!! 2 hours felt way too short, especially when it took at least 30 minutes to wait in line for our tickets, check out the merch booth, and get a drink (not to mention the line for the ATM in order to pay for said drink, since nowhere seemed to be accepting credit cards.). Please do another Evening with Wilco again! Loved all 39 songs and loved the living room set design.


Boston peeps - I picked up a second poster of the 9/20 show and ended up not using it. It's on EBay for the next 6 days if anyone is interested!


I just saw this!!!!!!! You wouldn't happen to still have that extra would you?!??!?!

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