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wilco live Tapperiet, Trondheim, Norway 04.09.2019

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(is it snowing yet?)

Not yet, actually its been summer temperature but now its getting more normal. The snow comes earliest in october but usally in December . But the weather havent been as usual the last few years.

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How is skidoo parking? I have interest for a friend from village.

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I didn't realise the Tirpitz wreck was still there. I saw an X-sub in a Portsmouth museum once (though bombers got it in the end of course).

Also noticed a report from biologists that the constant smoke screens deployed for 5 years stunted tree growth in the area. The wonder of Googling.

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Great show, obviously. Spiral Stairs (aka Scott Kanneberg ex Pavement support but I managed to miss him sadly) First show of this tour so started a bit rocky but after they got warm it rocked. JT was midly amused about the audience) A new venue 1350 tickets but we managed to avoide the usuall chattering and talking.

Didt manage to get a set list but they played 4 or 5 new songs. Songs (from a hazy memory, not of beer though) I am trying to break your heart, Misunderstood, reservation, outta sigh outta mind, jesus etc, Im the man who loves you,Bull Black Nova , theologians, hummingbird, California stars. 2 hours





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quick google translate translation:
Jeff Tweedy in Trondheim:

- Unfortunately, many people today show that they are unable to feel shame. It is very dangerous
Most of all, he feels gratitude. But Jeff Tweedy also feels the shame of the compatriot who governs the homeland.
One of American Rock's most influential bands over the past 20 years is playing in Trondheim for the first time on Wednesday, and at the same time opens a long tour autumn that takes them further out in Europe and home to the United States.

- It's idyllic here. Beautiful. I'm so envious when I come across cities like this and see how people can live their lives, says Jeff Tweedy.

There is an obvious 52-year-old who meets Adresseavisen on Tuesday afternoon, after walking along Ladestien in the gray weather. The night before, he was strolling around downtown Trondheim and saw Nidaros Cathedral, Bybrua, Bakklandet and the Fortress.

Norway History

As the Chicago band's technicians prepare the stage for the first rehearsal in Trondheim, the tour manager has shown his way into a small room inside the huge brewery hall that has now become the concert scene. This summer the band has been back on stage, after a two and a half year long concert break. Meanwhile, frontman Jeff Tweedy has recorded two solo albums, toured the world as a solo artist and also written the autobiography "Let's Go (So We Can Get Back)".

- You've had a longer tour break in the band, what was it like getting back together?

- It is nice. It was great when we stopped two years ago as well. We weren't angry at each other and didn't really feel like we needed a break. It was more for practical reasons, says Tweedy, explaining, among other things, that drummer Glenn Kotche's wife received a Fullbright scholarship to travel to Finland to teach.
Tweedy played his first concerts in Norway with Uncle Tupelo at Cruise Cafe in Oslo in the early 90's.

- It's not everywhere you go in Europe that you find that people are completely familiar with you. But in Norway it has always felt like there are people here who listen to the records and follow along. And Mikael Jorgensen has family here (from Trysil, journ. Note). All in all, I think we as a band have a pretty Nordic temperament, he says and laughs.

Signs of Trump exhaustion

In October, the band's eleventh studio album, "Ode to Joy". Thematically, it is about preserving the ability to enjoy different things, small and large, despite the political climate of the world.

- How has Trump changed the US you know and live in?

- I still don't think we are aware of how profound the changes are, but they have made a major intervention in everyone's everyday life. At the same time, I also think his constituents are getting tired of the amount of attention he needs, the number of twitter messages, and the ability he has to get all stories to act on his own. Even those who follow him most closely begin to show signs of exhaustion, as I see it, says Tweedy.

The songwriter says he still has the good "to see him do something I felt was" right ", or human or intelligent".

I hope that there may actually be some kind of person there. For he has actually shown that he can change the whole conservative movement. Simply by saying that he wants to do something, they suddenly become customs boundaries, when they have been against customs boundaries all their lives, Tweedy illustrates.

- It would be great if he chose to do something… great. But it's not going to happen, says Tweedy, who grew up in Belleville, Illinois.
From another country

- How does it feel to be his compatriot?

"I don't think we're from the same country," he says, laughing.

- No I do not do that. Many think of America as monolithic as a unified whole, much like the Soviet Union. But in reality there are many different cultures. I mean there are six or seven different nations under the name United States. I come from something similar to the Appalachians in the southern states, probably a place where he has many of his core voters. But he's not from there. He is from a cosmopolitan environment. He is an aristocrat, he says, laughing:

- And a slippery

- It's just exhausting, demoralizing and humiliating. When you consider that this is being followed by people outside the United States, we deserve the humiliation. We deserve it because it is shameful. I mean shame is good. But unfortunately, there are many people today who show that they are unable to feel shame. It is very dangerous, he says and smiles.

- You mean it?

- Yes, he is unable to feel shame. He just has a rage, and I think he experiences any kind of shame as an immediate rage.

Like Warren

- Will he be re-elected in 2020?

- I do not think so. But I didn't think he could be elected the first time either. But that's good, because there were a lot of home sitters in 2016. I voted for myself, but many didn't, because they didn't think he would be elected anyway. He does not get that benefit now. At the same time, it is possible that he wins because of the Assembly of Representatives (whose job is to make the formal election of President and Vice President of the United States, Journ. Note). He has no chance of winning the people's votes, but the electoral assembly makes it all madness.

- Are there good alternatives?

- Yes! They are all good alternatives. I like many of the Democratic candidates, such as Elisabeth Warren. I don't like Pete Buttigieg as much. I have a hard time voting for Joe Biden, but if that's the alternative, I do.

The big dream

Wilco has long been a critically acclaimed and sought-after concert band worldwide. But the big hit singles and stadium concerts have failed.

- Are you happy with the place you are at now, or could you have wanted an even bigger breakthrough?

- Overall, I am most grateful that we never had a hit song at a place in my life where I would have had difficulty dealing with celebrity status or money. Wilco has had an exceptional career. There are many bands that have had such a long life at this level. We work on a high professional level and have a comfortable touring lifestyle. We are most grateful for that. That being said, we always want more people to hear our music. That's why we share it and send it to the world, says Tweedy.

How are you as a leader in the band?

- Eh, I'm reluctant to claim any kind of authority. But I have a good work ethic: I work harder or as hard as the others in the band and I don't ask others to do something I wouldn't do myself. In that sense, I'm fair. All in all, the environment in the Wilco camp is characterized by joy. Because can you really want more in life than to do what you've always dreamed of?





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Set list taken from the Wilco FB page:

You Are My Face
Bright Leaves
I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
Handshake Drugs
One and a Half Stars
White Wooden Cross
Red Eyed and Blue
I Got You (At the End of the Century)
An Empty Corner
Bull Black Nova
Laminated Cat (aka Not For The Season)
Box Full of Letters
Everyone Hides
Impossible Germany
Jesus, Etc.
Random Name Generator
I'm the Man Who Loves You
Love Is Everywhere (Beware)
California Stars
Outtasite (Outta Mind)
I'm A Wheel

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