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Jeff's Esquire Interview

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Great interview, thank you for sharing Donna.

Here's the juiciest bit of news in it:


We've recorded maybe one third or one fourth of a record. Everybody in the band has their own recording studio, or at least the ability to do overdubs at home. We’ll probably keep working on that remotely through the winter. Ideally, we’ll have a record come out next year. We're plowing ahead on the next Solid Sound Festival. Odds are it might end up being later in 2021, if it happens at all. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.


So maybe a fall 2021 SSF?? Crowd will probably be smaller, at least.

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I absolutely hate thinking about the financial burden that so many musicians are dealing with right now, glad that they got the PPP loan.  Makes me want to pre-order Nels' new album (the advance single is fantastic).

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11 hours ago, The Inside of Outside said:

That was a fun read. I keep thinking that the next SS will be June of 2022 - that it will be put off a year.


I hate to think it but I tend to agree. Until we can get the idiots to socially-distance and wear masks, Covid isn't going away and music festivals aren't coming back. :realmad:no

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