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    Roadcase Series

    what's up with the sound quality in the more recent (~5 years) roadcases? granted I'm not going through all of them ... but going between 2012-7-23 and the most recent Solid Sound ... the latter sounds completely lifeless and muffled, drums especially .... but 2012 sounds great.
  2. Maybe this will be the year I finally stay in town (re: SS) Nice to hear the band and crew were able to get paid this year. Maybe they even enjoyed some time off.
  3. Even if there is a vaccine by the end of the year, most bands have pushed all of their 2020 shows to 2021. I'd imagine that, along with the fact that they'd have to put everything together in a much shorter amount of time than usual, might make it untenable. Hope I'm wrong though!
  4. Solid Sound not looking likely for 2021 is it?
  5. Curious, what's the expectation for this run setlist wise? Slight variations with the same OTJ songs each night, or totally different setlists?
  6. Some shows will pre-tape bands or standup as a rule. I believe Craig Ferguson's show operated that way. Monologue, sketches, and interviews are probably all done in the same taping. Dunno if Seth Myers does that every time or if this was a one off (maybe the show they taped it on ran long). But yeah, most shows tape the afternoon they air with all the parts done in the same order they air in.
  7. I think it's totally fine for Wilco to use a backing track on one damn song because they felt it needed all the sounds to make it work live. The sonic palate of that song is pretty unique and they probably felt they couldn't do it justice with what they had readily available. There's the bass synth thing throughout the tune, the rhythmic effect, the crackling, explosions, etc. And I do miss it, but I didn't see the band much between 2012 and 2017. I was hoping it would make an appearance at Solid Sound this year.
  8. It happens to every Facebook group that gets to a certain size. Not the moderator's fault. It's really just a terrible website, I really wish humanity had collectively decided on some other way to keep in touch with literally everyone...
  9. I have a love/hate relationship with Boston audiences ... people yelling shit like "Go pats!" when there's a moment of silence/downtime is embarrassing. On the other hand, there's a certain energy a lot of Boston crowds bring that can elevate the experience at times. (Shows in Portland ME, for example, tend to have a more subdued audience). This duality was on full display at this show. Loved the show, nice to see the band in a great-sounding theater after consecutive Solid Sounds. Props to the crew for dealing with the PA issue fairly quickly, and to the band for doing their best to play through it. Bull Black Nova kicks so much ass these days. Huge highlight every time. Most of the new material is fitting in well and has begun to evolve a little now that they've been playing it for a bit.
  10. Thanks for sharing! Do you recall when Wilco took the stage? Trying to time some public transit for tomorrow's show ...
  11. The Facebook group, like most fan groups of a certain size, is absolute trash. I'm glad this band still has an active message board like this one where at least a modicum of thought is involved before hitting "post."
  12. Feels pretty similar to Schmilco. A solid record, like Warm/Warmer with stronger melodies and arrangements. And some great moments from Nels. Nothing feels groundbreaking or surprising, but what's wrong with that? Look, a band with one of my favorite records of all time probably isn't going to top or match that record 20 years later. And that probably has more to do with where I am in life now vs. where I was when I first heard them. I also think this feels genuine and honest -- this is where they're at, a guy Jeff's age isn't going to -- and frankly, shouldn't -- write a lyric like "I'd like to thank you all for nothing at all." I wouldn't mind an utterly surprising musical left turn, though. Maybe next record?
  13. I agree with most of what was said here. Overall it was a little disappointing that so much of the set was karaoke. And the performances were mostly pretty great, but also kind of forgettable. I’m not driving 3.5 hrs, shelling out a few hundred bucks on tickets and a few hundred more on an air BNB, standing in a field, etc to see a pretty good singer do Wilco, ya know? Courtney Barnett was incredible though, maybe the highlight of the weekend.
  14. Really need a Roadcase release of the weekend to relive it. That BBN was something else. I'd heard the more chilled-out version they'd been doing lately, kind of missed the energy of the original. The "hybrid" they did gave me chills.
  15. This isn't out of the ordinary at all for bands of Wilco's stature. People are busy.
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