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  1. Anyone else only get MP3s from SendOwl from their super deluxe vinyl order? I probably missed the fact that they're only MP3s when I preordered ... guess I should have gone the Bandcamp route. I will say this is the first vinyl preorder I can remember where it actually got to me on release day. I've been primed to expect 6 month delays so that was nice. Haven't had a chance to go through it yet but looking forward to it later tonight.
  2. I like Meadowbrook based primarily on its proximity to me (easy hour drive) and the fact that it's not in Boston or Mansfield. The sound is also usually quite good if you're in the original part of the shed, but suffers in the addition and the lawn. Other than the 3 up front sections there were seas of empty seats. Worked out well for me as I was in section 2A surrounded by empty rows and had clear sightlines sitting or standing - plus the seats were a steal when I bought them ($30, all in - went back up to $80-100 + fees in the days leading up to the show) but I don't think they'l
  3. Jeez, that kinda stinks for those of us who pre ordered at full price.
  4. It's a tricky thing. I'd love a complete left turn album, something that a new outside producer might introduce, but at this stage in their career it runs the risk of seeming very forced. Not that Wilco would ever do something like this, but has anyone heard any of those newer Coldplay songs produced and co-written by Max Martin? It's embarrassing.
  5. not to be a setlist guy, but the return of Spiders makes me very hopeful for NH. just one of those songs I always want to hear that I've missed sorely at the last 4 or 5 shows I've seen. I think the last time I saw it was Solid Sound in '17.
  6. I pulled the trigger pretty quick on this one. I got a digital download of the album proper and Reservations Live sent right away, am I understanding correctly that I'll get a digital download of the whole set come release time?
  7. I get what you're saying here, but at the same time, bands have been doing this kind of thing for a while now; I've seen half dozen or so do it and if the album performance takes up less than a standard length show, additional songs are added. Wilco did it themselves at Solid Sound '17, performing Being There and encoring with all of YHF (which was one of the coolest things I've seen a band do). Which brings me to my next point - WIlco are one of the more generous bands when it comes to show length and working hard to appease all types of fans. I don't think folks expressing disap
  8. Lots of folks arguing on Facebook that this is what the band advertised. I wasn’t there, but I definitely wouldn’t have expected a festival-length set. Hope it’s nothing serious.
  9. I didn't see this so maybe I'm missing some context. I respect the fact that they're not able to unilaterally issue refunds to folks, but presumably with their name on the festival they have some pull in that respect, right? I'm sure there's plenty going on behind the scenes, just curious about this point.
  10. What a depressing situation. Hope all of the folks here with covid or covid symptoms are resting up and getting well. I had the thought about whether or not to attend Solid Sound this year ... I'm planning on it, and my logic was "we'll probably be between spikes/variants at that point..." what a depressing thought.
  11. I was too far back to see anything, but it appears there was at least one photographer in the pit last night ... https://www.facebook.com/events/203844190852157?post_id=541359660433940&view=permalink
  12. There was! Right before RNG I think - it bubbled up from the crowd and the band had a false start before someone cut it off and allowed the audience to continue.
  13. Looking forward to your writeup of the show, bbop. I had a good time, band sounded great, Jeff and company seemed to be in good spirits. I've seen a dozen or so Wilco sets, most at Solid Sound, and I'd rank this towards the bottom. That's not to say it was bad, or that I didn't enjoy myself, just that I'm used to getting almost everything I want and being surprised at things like new arrangements/variations on tunes etc, and there was nothing new or surprising here, and I would have swapped out maybe half the setlist if it were up to me. The setlist didn't really lend itself to many noisy-chao
  14. and the security is so laid back and friendly, and there's a place you can smoke without leaving the venue, and you can get back in easily!
  15. Not surprised you didn't love the sound. I think it's the worst sounding venue in the area, which is a shame, because it's a nice size/location and the alternative for many bands is Mansfield.
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