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Wilco — 22 April 2022, Chicago, IL (Auditorium Theatre) [Night 1 of 3]

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Not enough time to come up with a full recap right now since I need to go stand in line at my local record store soonish for the Record Store Day scrum, but suffice it to say that Wilco enjoyed a nice return to its hometown as it kicked off the second and final leg of the 20th anniversary celebration of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Of course, after five shows in New York, there was once again the excitement of an opening night of sorts since the majority of the audience would likely be experiencing this show for the first time. And I'm sure there were some minor kinks to work out between the band members and the string and horn players who would be augmenting their performance.


More to come when I finish making the RSD rounds, but by now the setlist probably looks pretty familiar.


Here was the complete setlist, as played, for Night 1 in Chicago (either The Magnificent Strings and Total Pros horns or both were present on stage for entire set, though strings and horns did not play on every song):


I Am Trying To Break Your Heart


Radio Cure

War On War

Jesus, etc.

Ashes Of American Flags

Heavy Metal Drummer

I'm The Man Who Loves You

Pot Kettle Black

Poor Places



Be Not So Fearful [Bill Fay]

Pieholden Suite

Cars Can't Escape

A Magazine Called Sunset


The Good Part


Outtasite (Outta Mind)

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6 minutes ago, solace said:

Music at 7:30 I read? How late did it go?

Well….since I’m standing in a dumb line (make your queuing jokes, Euro friends!), I will report that the strings started playing at 7:42 — a few minutes earlier than NYC, I might add — and Wilco came on around 8:07 and finished by about 9:35.

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One of the best Wilco shows I’ve seen in ages.  YHF was such a formative album for me that I listened to so much back in the day it’s kind of easy to take for granted how damn good it is since I don’t listen to it that much anymore, but when I listen to it (or see it performed live) I’m quickly reminded that it is an absolutely incredible album.  I hope that if they end up releasing a recording of these shows that they include the encore too because holy hell that was amazing too.  The best versions of Pieholden and The Good Part I’ve ever heard (small sample size admittedly).  I also can’t say enough about the horns and the strings, which added so much to the songs throughout.  Just incredible.  Can’t wait to see it again on Sunday!

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Awesome show; up there for my favorite Wilco shows I've ever attended. The band sounds tight as always and the horns/strings add so much to the performance. Just amazing. I do appreciate how close to the album they're sticking, with only a few brief moments of extended outros and what not.


Just a gripe - the crowd in my section was pretty rotten (Row Y, center orchestra); a lot of chatting during the show and just generally weird responses to songs. A guy and his partner were chatting through literally the entire set, ranging from Wilco related to work related to the trip home. Just a bit obnoxious. Unfortunately this is a reoccurring theme at Wilco shows for me and maybe tonight it was just general rowdiness for the guys to be back home and kicking off this limited engagement of a real special album, but it really soured the show for me at a few moments. They sounded amazing though, not on them at all. Maybe I should start going for balcony or closer to the stage or something, even if I'm a bit priced out of that range.

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I second that. I was in Center Orch row W and while the location was impeccable, the crowd around me was one of the worst I’ve ever experienced at a Wilco show. I wish they would’ve taken our phones from us or at minimum, the ushers helped police the recording and incessant talking. 

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