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R.I.P. Dave Mirabella aka MeDave

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It is with a heavy heart to announce this here,  but we lost a fellow VC member and huge Wilco fan. 

Dave Mirabella was a huge Wilco fan and one of the first members of the fan community that I had the pleasure of meeting. Paul Suwan being the other one. This was at the Jeff Tweedy solo show in Northampton, MA Nov 2005. 

He was very prominent in the Boston music scene as the frontman of The Rationales. 

Wow! I’m just stunned. He was performing covers during the pandemic via Facebook and taking requests. I know that he was at the Wilco show in Boston last summer because he took a great video of the Honky Tonk Women cover. 

I remember him checking in recently on the 20th anniversary of this place just last fall. An Empty Corner was one of his recent favorite Wilco tracks. 

Fucking awful news! 

It’s a terribly cosmic tragedy to see social media posts about the new Wilco record and the outpouring of condolences for Dave. 

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Most of you don’t know me. I knew Dave a bit. Not nearly as well as some.  He was a very early member of this board. He was special in many ways.  I thought I would share something I posted about him somewhere else:


I only met David Mirabella twice.  Once at a mega Wilco concert met up In NYC. I spent a lot of the night sitting next to him and just chatting up.  He was such an easy going dude. It was effortless to speak to him and truly a pleasure.  The second time was when my wife and I road-tripped to Boston to see one of our mutually favorite bands Buffalo Tom. Spent a good chunk of the night with both him and Selene Angier.  Again, could not ask for better company. They were both so warm and easy. I would talk to Dave here and there over Facebook, mostly just comments here and there.  I had the privilege to listen to a bunch of Rationales music and his quarantine covers.  I feel a tremendous loss. I know we didn’t know each other too well, but to meet Dave was to instantly know you liked him and wanted to spend time with him. He was the full package, great musician, music lover, and kind. So goddamn kind.  I love you Dave.  I look forward to seeing you again someday soon.

With love,


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Dave was dear to me. I'll leave it at that because I still can't even wrap my head around the loss of one of the best people I've ever known. Rest in peace, Dave. I'll be playing your songs up loud in celebration of your life.:rock:wub

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I think Jim hit the nail on the head by saying it was effortless to speak to him.  He was naturally cool, and so funny without being exhausting to be around (some of my best friends are exhausting to be around...;)).  He was a sweetheart, we talked about comedy and his time in San Francisco, and I feel so lucky to have known him.   Such a loss.

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