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  1. Thanks for the links. MMJ is probably one of my favorite bands ( and the best show I've ever seen, hands down). I'm excited for the new album. I think you could kind of tell on Z that some of the members were new to the band....things didn't really start gelling until the tour afterwards, imo.
  2. What is this about new tracks? I need more information...I beg you.
  3. Of all time? I'd have to say The Late Greats' "Turpentine.
  4. Best Wilco show I've seen, though it might have had something to do with how close I got. I LOVED the old version of Sunken Treasure. That's one of my favorite Wilco songs. That and Why Would You Wanna Live were really great suprises. I won't pick a favorite song cause they were all so great. I'd be interested to know if any V'cers ran into me...I was the obnoxious little kid in the blue flannel near the front.
  5. It was cool to hear The Books...they were just in Tape Op and I hadn't heard anything by them yet...pretty cool stuff.
  6. Not sure if this was mentioned: "He resurfaced on the sidewalk of my block the other day yeah it's a fat check sorry charlie, honey, he's back from LA " I've really been digging the rhythm of this song lately.
  7. Vocals sound good, but the guitar is driving me nuts. Take the mic you used to record the vocals, and stick it in front of the 12th fret of your guitar about half a foot away. Record that instead of direct in.
  8. All I know is I've seen The Slip, MMJ, and Spoon at the Riv, and never had a problem getting way up close, and always wished I could do the same at a Wilco show. I always felt very distanced the two times I saw them at the Auditorium. And it was a bitch to get decent tickets ( which didn't really even happen anyways). The Riv ain't even that bad. It's got 'character'.
  9. That pedal sounds like it would be fucking awesome. The price is right too, for an EHX pedal. I've got to try one out!
  10. You guys are all forgetting that Jesus loves you all very much.
  11. I went down there last spring to help with relief efforts in Bay St. Louis...really brought it home for me. It'l be at least a decade before the area is completley recovered.
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