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  1. Really loving the new one from Nicole Atkins. Brings to mind Summerteeth in a throwback way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7oFLw58USc
  2. Cheap Trick opens (just before Budokan breaks), The Sweet, Foghat headlines.
  3. What is this "album side" of which you speak? How about side A of Graham Parker's "Heat Treatment"?
  4. he made the kid a prop in his argument with the kid's own dad.
  5. Whatever else you think about the exchange, singling out the guy's kid is very, very bad form.
  6. I know I'm late to the party, but I can't stop listening to this. Best version of the song, even with the pooched 2nd verse.
  7. "He fell in love with the bioengineer"
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-adpfbi2K4Y
  9. A band I wish I'd kept better track of. Pretty cool seeing them on the big stage at ACL Fest in 2003 or 04. http://www.centro-matic.com/
  10. Well, that was kinda bad.
  11. Pretty much anything ackroyd. I think he came closest to channeling the whole Python thing.
  12. Yips, did I post that? Anyways, dropped in the extras while doing the nordictrak before work today. favorite part is still the 10 or so seconds it takes for Jeff to respond to New York Fan In The Street with "Oh, yeah?"
  13. M.Love wrote the lyrics to "Warmth of the Sun." That makes up for a lot of sins.
  14. From "Born Fighters" - Nick's bit at the end fairly kills. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivZfHfKOi14
  15. Yanks and BoSox both 0-3. Is it too late to add a couple more wildcard playoff berths?
  16. not the greatest idea, that is ...
  17. Wilco on facebook says summer concert slate tba next week. If Cleveland's not on it (band hasn't been here since a sold out show in Feb. 08), they might be losing one tugmoose.
  18. Parts, anyway. I deleted the name of the site because it includes something I consider very distasteful. MODERN BANDS EVERY CLASSIC ROCK FAN SHOULD TRY: WILCO by: Dave Lifton Here at (deleted by tugmoose) we like to branch out once in a while and listen to some music that’s not made by our favorite artists of the past. We love that Van Halen can comeback so strong with ‘A Different Kind of Truth,’ but, let’s face it, there’s a reason the phrase ‘Here’s one from our new album” is an excuse to run to the bathroom. We can’t say that we always understand the stuff that our friends at
  19. Well, I was less addressing you and more adding to your list.
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