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  1. Yes! I had a great time last night, and Wilco never disappoints me when I see them live... but I was slightly surprised that I knew every word to every song and there weren't even any covers during the encore. I can't wait for new material!
  2. Wilco is a very popular band in the Baltimore/DC area. The Lyric is a relatively small venue. I am not surprised it sold out right away.
  3. Just got three in the grand tier, row A. So happy!!!
  4. Thanks for being great, Jeff Tweedy. Have a wonderful birthday.
  5. I think the dichotomy is supposed to be between the being a complicated near-genius and being from Belleville.
  6. lynnowens, your pic is so wonderful that I've had it as my desktop background ever since you first posted it here. It makes me smile every morning when I get to work and turn on the monitor. So thanks to you and your kidlet for brightening my late summer 2007, and congratulations on your win.
  7. At first I was truly confused and revolted by the thought of a ratatouille birthday cake, until I looked it up and saw that it's a kiddie movie. I am so glad your nephew isn't having eggplant and zucchini on his cake, Brianne. Happy 40th, Tweedy!
  8. Crowded House -- Weather With You April March -- Chick Habit Wilco -- Color Me Impressed Julian Cope -- Sleeping Gas The Pogues -- White City Pulp -- This Is Hardcore Neil Diamond -- Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon Crooked Fingers -- Doctors of Deliverance Velvet Underground -- I'll Be Your Mirror R.E.M. -- Welcome to the Occupation
  9. I got chicken pox as an adult, right after the anti-viral medication started being prescribed for it. (In 1997, I believe.) The anti-viral worked really well, and my chicken pox was much milder than it would have been without the drug. I was feeling much better within a week. So I hope that will be true for Nels, too. Also, shingles and chicken pox aren't exactly the same thing, despite that they are caused by the same virus. You can get chicken pox as an adult without it being shingles. Get well soon, Nels!
  10. My top 10 shifts with my mood, but Wilco's been somewhere on that list since Being There came out. Right now, yes, they are in the #1 spot.
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