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  1. best damn keeper in the bayshore league (in his goalie "dress")
  2. although i think no one wins in Iraq, the balance of the moore ones are pretty acurate
  3. yea, long enough for me to walk to the next office to let a guy know who's interested that we tied it up. walk back to mine and we're back down. i'm glad i'm not watching at home with my 7 year old son. he start crying and leave the room pissed.
  4. Thanks to everyone for sharing the pictures and video. Great souvenirs of a great show. I personally loved it, overcrowded (expected) or not. I've been used to places that are tight, just not that big and prefer that to seats in a theater any day. I'm pretty easy to please though, but even mrs. Eyeball was impressed and has some new found respect. Ysi more video parisisstale!!! The airline video is great till the sound explodes at the end.
  5. I'm down near sandy hook and can be at your apartment in 45 minutes so let me know when he shows up! I too have really enjoyed the pictures and all the aftershow banter back and forth. Thanks for sharing everyone.
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