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  1. I was thinking the same thing. I figured most non fans would think that purposely cheating can actually win you the match would confirm their thinking that it's a stupid sport. On the other hand, I don't know how there could be a rule where a goal is awarded when the ball doesn't cross the plane of the goal. In that instance, I could easily see a goal awarded if suarez was in the goal and batted it out after it went in but keeping it from going in is a different story. I don't know what they could change that rule to to avoid that instance. I only know I've never seen it happen before.
  2. I'm not defending how you were treated but if it were me, and I was an american living in England at a sports bar during the the england germany match rooting for germany (because i couldn't blindly route for a team that was clearly inferior) I would expect to be called a douche bag. PS: Brazil over Germany 2-1
  3. I ignore friend requests pretty often. I don't think it's assholeish, But then again, I live in NJ so I tend to tell people to fuck off if they ask me for directions.
  4. That explains this then: just kidding, I've never even heard Show Me Your Tears.
  5. I'm with moss. don't even bother with the albums proper. go straight to the deluxe reissues. there is so much extra material that it's well worth the little more. the only band i ever got tickets for a full year in advance now that i think of it.
  6. if that were the case, i may have had to purposely blind my other eye.
  7. my apologies. I'm sure enormous white crocs look good on someone and you are probably the exception.
  8. that picture's not doing them justice. from certain angles they look as long as he is tall.
  9. I feel vindicated for calling them clown shoes in the montclair thread. I was distracted the whole night (saturday) by those things.
  10. now your just trying to confuse me. I like the change in edie pic btw. a nice change of pace, easy on the eye(s).
  11. i do not like wilco the song, deeper down and walken. always hated walken. and jeff wears enormous white clown shoes that makes me stare at his feet and his foot taps. the only thing that would be worse would be enormous white crocs. oh, and thanks for the birthday wishes edie. it was a good night out. made me regret not going both nights. and thanks to my friend paul for thinking of me when he ended up with an extra ticket.
  12. Really liked the show except for the songs i don't like. Bigest complaint would be those damn white shoes. all night i was distracted by those enormous white clown shoes.
  13. rooney limped off with a nasty looking twist at the end of yesterdays loss.
  14. i had hernia surgery. it sucked. ms y is right, probably on all points but the one about needed someone to take care of you for at least the 1st week is a must. 2 weeks was the recovery back for what i had done in i guess 1994. coughing hurts really bad and you will need somone to get you food and empty your pee bottle.
  15. If my health insurance would only increase 17% between now and 2014 I would jump for joy. Small business health insurance premiums have risen more than that on several occasions in one year over the last 10. This year they went up 18%. 10% last year, 15% the year before, etc... If I go back 10 years, our rates have increased 130%. It's funny too, I had 5 hospitalized surgeries and one long term (30+ days) hospital stay between the age of 20 and 30. Then I had none between 30 and 45.
  16. Good Job! fwiw, i don't think i chimed in on that thread until a few days after you posted the question. i might have answered too late anyway. (plus, that was a fluke, i never even took statistics)
  17. if you would only post your statistics questions somewhere before you submit your final answer you may do better.
  18. Alright you got me. There are 2 I skip.
  19. it's my only "skip" song. and finally watched that fallon performance last night on the dvr. so good.
  20. i'm in the same boat as you. i just can't get myself to pay for a 15 channel package and only watch one of them. i think it's an extra $ 20 a month to get it on comcast out here. there should be an a la carte deal.
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