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  1. i can't believe you don't feel "refreshed" after that awesome douching.
  2. i take that back there is a second presale going on now for a second show on wednesday 9/22/10.
  3. I think he was saying the stock market is owned by only the top 10% of the country, but i think he meant that you probably own 10 % of the stock market. which we all know is true. or something.
  4. hot lights will probably melt whipped cream. signed, anxiousinnj
  5. i've heard that argument and i agree that just stating it isn't true isn't enough, however, on the other side of the coin, taxpayer funds are used to fund many things that many people disagree with, no? i myself would like to read some of this legislation first hand. it's doubtful that any person can just opt for an abortion and choose the government funded version or maybe apply for a grant to cover my abortion.
  6. if it was her first birthday, i'm sure it was a Yo MTV Raps onesie or something like that.
  7. you don't show it to her after you squish it? that's the best part.
  8. how do you know what kind of spider it was. you can't be sure that it caused absolutely no threat. i would have stomped it too. then i would have picked up it's dead carcass and scared my kids with it. (or nearest female co-worker if i was at work) (this was directed at neon)
  9. i think he meant southland. i watched the first 2 and liked it, dvr'ed the rest and haven't gotten to them yet but i also have last seasons lost i haven't even started yet. (when i say last season, i mean the one before last year.)
  10. isn't there a sponsor you could in times like these?
  11. Hope you have a very Happy Birthday Ms. Y.
  12. theres a place in college park that has a handful of different styles of chili. one of them is a great cincinatti chili that i hadn't found anywhere since the last time i had skyline when i lived in dayton in the eighties. hope i was helpful.
  13. I just heard the hold steady, citrus on the radio but it was a college station. does that count?
  14. i used gogo's link to that top 12 bands thread above and i was able to search without logging in.
  15. looks like my first post was in a thread called "How Ghey Are You?" it figures.
  16. I always liked this thread. I actually looked at alot of it again last week.
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