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  1. i just never liked the songs. it has nothing to do with his wig.
  2. my invitro twins beg to differ. i bet they knew how to do that back in the day.
  3. immaculate conception is when mary was conceived. (by her mother), and like ikol said, refers to her being born without original sin. when she became magically pregnant is called the annunciation which is supposed to be march 25th i'm pretty sure, which lands nicely at somewhere between 39 and 40 weeks before december 25th.
  4. i don't think it's ever weird seeing her.
  5. for someone who goes through at least one, sometimes two costco box(s) of 60 eggo's a month, this is bad news.
  6. she could always email them to you or someone who can burn them if she doesn't
  7. i'm guessing she wants to give out pictures of girl scout events to each girl. but i'm just guessing.
  8. If they are attachments, you can right click on the attachment and do a "save as" and save it/them somewhere. (where you would be able to find them easy) if they are part of or embedded into the email, you should be still be able to right click on the picture(s) and do "save image as" and again save them somewhere you could find them easily. once you have them in one place, you will then need to get them onto a disc with some type of cd burning software. let us know when you are that far. do you have cd burning software? there are a bazzillion kinds of cd's available. depends on what you are
  9. i wouldn't call myself a true atheist. I wouldn't call myself anything. I really think you rot away just like every other animal or vegetable on the planet that dies or looses it's source of nutrients. Anything other than that just seems silly to me.
  10. i sort of stopped posting in birthday threads. EXCEPT THIS ONE! :birthday
  11. I can't believe you ruined that book for me! Christ, use the spoiler alert. max is 7 or 8 in the book according to sendak. my kids want to see it but they are all grounded this week.
  12. i thought you should be reminded of some of your work being it's the halloween season
  13. man, that broad in the front on the left is hot.
  14. i think he meant absolutely yes, it would be in bad taste. at least i hope that's what he meant.
  15. I don't hate the beatles but I don't own any beatles recordings, nor have I listened to any beatles recordings by choice, probably in my entire life. I would say the last time I heard a beatles record start to finish would have been sometime between 1980 & 1984 in college. There's nothing to be ashamed of, Wild Frank.
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