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  1. I went to the Daily Show awhile back when it was in their old studio, like somewhere up on 70th? For some reason I thought it might be where Colbert is now but I don't know why I think that. Anyway, really had a good time. Nice day, took the ferry which is always nice, ate, then went to the taping. Vince Vaughn was the guest. It was fun. We keep meaning to go again but it just never happens. I think I'm going to some interview evening with Colbert later this year but I don't know those details yet.
  2. usually only when describing warts. i don't think that was the case here though.
  3. he looks pretty good in that picture besides just the teeth, all things considered.
  4. this really is my eyeball, although it's my old one.
  5. but it still doesn't make me happy. they could have parked that camel in front of any other building in that town and i would be okay with it.
  6. i still don't get that, or should i say, see it that way. i really doesn't look like a rooftop or a balcony at all.
  7. i remember thinking it was too short also but all in all i loved it because i've never been a seat person and i had a feeling this would be my last bar/club wilco show. (which has held true)
  8. i just burped and it tasted like 1991 again. all from that damn picture.
  9. is it wrong to not like it because it brings back bad memories of spending months in milwaukee training for a job i hated and eating german food a couple times a week at that place which i also hated? i hope i can put the cover back in the cd sleeve backwards.
  10. no but neon up there asked about it. oh, and hi
  11. i have no fear of heights but i do have a fear of mechanical equipment failing. no way would i trust these "rides" that hang off a building. shit breaks.
  12. does he look familiar? was he goovin with you last weekend?
  13. Hope you had a great day. Happy Birthday! :birthday
  14. I could help, if only I didn't have such a small record collection. kidding of course
  15. all that being said, i'm having pork chops on the grill tonight. i think the bbq sauce acts like a condom.
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