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  1. .001 % edit: more like 7.5661916250363114504026967649385e-4 %
  2. Cop Suspended this one says he's placed on leave pending an internal investigation.
  3. it's easier if you just post a pic of your "server" and then i'll tell you an exact dollar amount.
  4. then i'd just lump em in with the rest of the bill. in a bar, different story. wait, do you want to put a higher % on the beverage vs food? this is getting too complicated!
  5. I was wondering if those who consider themselves overtippers used to do food or bev service now or at some point prior in life? I was also wondering how many of you over tip if the service is "great" when you really mean "hot" (like me).
  6. I leave a couple bucks/day for the maid staff in hotels. I left $5 after only about an 7 or 8 hour stay a few weeks ago but I did that because my kids got coffee cake and pretzel crumbs all over the floor and beds.
  7. Spin just started showing up at my house this past month too. And I didn't buy early Bonnaroo tickets, or even late Bonnaroo tickets.
  8. Yeah, the last thing i want is to be pissed off at Catherine Keener.
  9. and i have 2 things to add: 1. I think you can only print to a pdf if you have Adobe, at least Standard on each machine. (Not just adobe reader) or another program that uses a PDF Printer as one of it's printers. (our accounting program has a PDF printer in it that allows you to PDF a word document without having the adobe standard edition on the pc.) 2. I'm not too sure about your boss either. or this
  10. these all have been played to death by my newly turned 8 year old. he loves all those lego games.
  11. she might be a little young and being able to read helps but there are several singing i guess you would call them games. theres a wii "sing it" and a high school musical thing that the girls that always end up at my house love. it takes two microphones and two earplugs for each adult in the house.
  12. if you could post a pic of the girl, it would help us all tremendously.
  13. i forgot this one and it should also fall into the biggest disappointment thread too. The replacements - Rutgers Gym - 1990 or 1991 maybe? we had a big tequila and chicken party on the roof of my friends apartment building that ran all afternoon into the night. (a tequilla and chicken party is where you steal a case of tequila from the bar that one friend managed and you get another friend to steal a case of chickens from the hotel restaurant he worked at and you spend all day roasting and grilling like 20 chickens, doing shots and then eventually throwing cooked at uncooked chicken at
  14. i looked for some kind of review from you too in the after the show part down there but never saw anything. the person i was going with ended up out of town last second and we couldn't get a babysitter for my wife to take his place so i blew it off rather than go alone. in the olden days, i would have gone alone and loved it. but now it's more like, oww my knees hurt. i better turn down this hearing aid before the show. where'd i leave my cane again?
  15. Joe Strummer after Earthquake Weather I'm guessing cause it was the late eighties. Somewhere in the city. The Limelight I think. Misunderstanding as to where to meet up with my friends. We were waiting in New York, he & his girlfriend were waiting in NJ for me to pick them up. Pre cell phone days. The Recent Pogues show around st patricks day, 2007 when Shane got hurt and they canceled but we didn't know till we got to the door. At least got my money back on that one. The Hold Steady this past Thanksgiving week in NY. I kept those Strummer tickets for 10 or 15 years. Don't remember
  16. navesink. near atlantic highlands/sandy hook. same price structure as you for most everything.
  17. friends on forest rd in what i guess would be fanwood (probably just over westfield ave from you) just did their kitchen and a bathroom, i think. i haven't talked to them in awhile but i'll ask about their contractor.
  18. thank you because i remember thinking at the time that whoever the kid was i saw interviewed was way to young to go to such extremes at such a young age. it's bothered me ever since and affected the way i looked at josh over the last couple years. i feel better now, but who the f*ck am i thinking of?
  19. i remember seeing an interview with him a long time ago where i think he said he was gonna have that stomach staple surgury thing back then.
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