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  1. "suck" does not equal "hate". it's more on par with blows than hate. and for the record, it is lamrod's fault. if he asked if i hate any wilco records i would have said no. if he asked if i disliked any, i would have answered as i did.
  2. using this equation, can you tell me how many blocks of ice it takes to make an igloo 7 feet long by 5 ft wide, 4 rows high.
  3. yeah. you know me real well. i do have a small record collection. your post definitely makes alot of sense because somehow, not listening to sbs or am equates to not having any musical preferences or opinions of my own.
  4. i wasn't trying to prove you wrong. i don't consider myself a "true" fan these days. most of the time, me hanging out here has little to nothing to do with wilco. these may even have been my first posts ever in the JAF section. (with the exception of an annual post in the ranking thread)
  5. i have not listened to sbs since the first week it came out and i can't remember when i listened to am last.
  6. i wouldn't mind if nels had one or two less fingers.
  7. screw both of you. so i need an eye rack when i let mine dry. christ.
  8. I was just about to say that I never "got" They Might Be Giants. but it was half to piss off sir stewart, the other half being, of course, because i hate that fucking band.
  9. i don't get what everybody means by "don't get".
  10. if that's the correct pronunciation, seems more like maybe his parents spelled their own name wrong when they birth certificated him.
  11. "You can never give the finger to the blind" Luna - "Slide" there's definitely another thread of these other than the one linked above.
  12. Estimado Sunken Mountain Espero que usted tiene un maravilloso cumplea
  13. i use the term "dude" bisexually. always have. i'm sure she won't be pissed at me.
  14. that puke looks like it's only on the back door. why were you in the back seat?
  15. christ people, the dude is from spain. S
  16. Happy Birthday ! Hope you have a good one!
  17. I missed this on purpose. Happy Belated !
  18. yes. it was april 4th. did you do anything fun april 4th? :.grrr
  19. Thanks for the cakes and well wishes everyone! (the boot and eyeball are awesome) And thanks to J4 for making an appearance just for this occasion cause I know he stopped by because he heard it was my birthday. It was a pretty low key weekend. I tried to tie one on but fell asleep Saturday and got rudely interrupted by work responsibilities on my Sunday afternoon attempt. I'll try again next year if I make it that long.
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