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  1. So long ago. I also have met countless folks though this site and Wilco in general. It's been a great time. Thanks for all the memories.
  2. https://soundcloud.com/lou-berkman/midday-mixtape-january-21-2020-peter-loughner-1 Now on easy to use Sound Cloud. Rosie is still around, but she hasn't posted here since she left for college over a decade ago. This show is on Soundcloud and easy to access and listen to.
  3. A show VCers might enjoy. If you are feeling “Misunderstood” the Midday Mixtape is paying tribute to legendary Cleveland, Ohio rock musician Peter Laughner. Joining the show with DJ LouieB this Tuesday, January 21, 2020 from 12-2 CT on 89.3 FM, wnur.org, or TuneIn will be John Martin (cohost of Classical and Beyond) for an overview of the life and music of Laughner from his years in the bands Pere Ubu and Rocket from the Tombs, but mostly his solo recordings from clubs and informal sessions, some done at home. While Laughner may not be famous, he left a small but potent legacy that include
  4. No blues, no ballads, no strumming guitars this week on The Midday Mixtape Show this Tuesday May 29, 2018 at 12-2 PM CT on www.wnur.org and Tunein and 89.3 FM. This week's show will not he for everyone, but if you skip it you will miss two hours of experimental, improvisational, and non-traditional music. Most of the time the show features a small amount of this type of music, but this week is two hours of mostly instrumental music including new music from Mind over Mirrors (from Chicago), modern classical composers Steve Reich, Karl-Heinz Stockhausen, Michael Pisaro, Anthony Braxton, John Zo
  5. Where else can you hear radio pandering to Wilco fans. Check out this week's show. Lots of new music on The Midday Mixtape Show this Tuesday May 22, 2018 at 12-2 PM CT after the news (or no news) on www.wnur.org and Tunein and 89.3 FM. It's a couple new songs from media sensation Courtney Barnett, along with new material from the Sea and Cake, Quiet (Beach) Slang, and local artist Sonny Mountain. Then add to that a request for Uncle Tupelo, the wacky Dylan cover of the week from Tina Turner, the young Bob at Newport, young Frank Zappa, the correct Bobbie Gentry song (to fix my mistake fr
  6. Did you think i forgot? It's Mid-May and The Midday Mixtape Show Tuesday May 15, 2017 at 12-2 PM CT (www.wnur.org and Tunein and 89.3 FM)is back again. More odds and ends with Bobbie Gentry, Meade Lux Lewis, Alex Chilton, Mike Ness (Dylan cover), Chris Hillman, the Mekons, Bert Jansch, (even more) Jon Hopkins, (more) Nels Cline, Alice Coltrane, The Band, Wilco, old blues (Blind Boy Fuller, Ishmon Bracey, Washboard Sam), and a chaser of crazy obscure 45s. Just enough of different kinds of music to keep young and old tuned in for lunch and beyond. See you then.
  7. Hey, Yea, I did play Cecil on a couple shows I did. Can play more if you request them in the future. Tune in tomorrow for some Saturday fun. t up! Get Up. The Mixtape Show is breaking new ground this Saturday May 12, 2018 at 7-9 AM CT on www.wnur.org and Tunein and 89.3 FM when DJ LouieB welcomes The Wizard DJ (usually anonymous on WZRD) Kevin Monahan for a crossover show. Kevin DJs Friday nights 9-12 PM on WZRD out of Northeastern Illinois University (88.3 and WZRDchicago.org). But tomorrow morning after spinning in the evening, he will be bringing some early morning favorites to spin on
  8. This week is a special show with blues pianist Erwin Helfer. Check me out if you have not before. wnur.org on Tuesday the 10th at 12 PM central time. LouieB
  9. Hey, y'all, I'm stil on the radio Tuesdays at 12-2 PM central wnur.org. Check me out sometime. LouieB
  10. DJ LouieB will be alone again on the Midday Mixtape Show this Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at 12-2 PM CT on www.wnur.org and Tunein and 89.3 FM. This week is new acquisitions, not necessarily new music, but some of that too. How about Jeff Tweedy, Billy Bragg, Chris Hillman, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Jim James, Nina Simone, Tracy Nelson, Brian Auger and Julie Driscoll. Then some Crazy cast offs from Malo, Stonewall Jackson, Cynthia Gooding, and Elizabeth Barraclough; jazz with Joel Patterson, Brad Gowens, and the Mills Brothers; world music from Jacque Brel, Astrid Gilberto, and two West Indi
  11. I didn't forget. The Midday Mixtape Show will be on Tuesday, October 4, 2017 at 12-2 PM CT on www.wnur.org and Tunein and 89.3 FM. I'll play some Tom Petty of course. Also new music from War on Drugs, more of Langford, Antietam, and new/old Neil Young, a feature on Nancy Griffith, a story on racism by Dorothy Party, a song about gun violence by JB Smith, as well as musical variety from the Skillet Lickers, Alfonso Ponticelli, the Bee Gees, Country Joe, The Time, and a.jazz break with Kenny Burrell. Maybe some other foolishness depending on the time. It's been a rough week all ready, so let's h
  12. Hey gang, this is a good one this week on Classical and Beyond Saturday 1-4 wnur.org if you are not a big fan of classical or modern classical. We will be featuring the music of the Kronos Quartet, which includes lots of great world music along with modern and not so modern classical music. Kronos is a very popular and eclectic group which teams up with all sorts of musicians and types of music (once worked with Glenn Kotche), so check this one out. LouieB
  13. Early warning. The Midday Mixtape Show is on once again Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at 12-2 PM CT on www.wnur.org and Tunein and 89.3 FM, this week with extra rock, songwriters, and some jazz, plus a new couple numbers by the Chicago group Razorhouse. In addition to Razorhouse there will be new Jason Isbell, Rodney Crowell, the Banditos, and Heron Oblivion. Also older material from Kelly Hogan, Whiskeytown, Jules Shear, the Replacements, Fresh Young Fellows, The Band, Television, Ben Atkins, the Stooges, and Sonny and Cher, plus much older material from Josephine Baker and Roosevelt Sykes. Mix i
  14. Tomrrow on Classical and Beyond 1-4 PM Central time on WNUR John and I will be playing some favorite odds and ends, some actually NOT modern classical. Check us out. wnur.org. Lou
  15. We are in the middle of a constitutional crises like no other. LouieB
  16. OH my......time flies doesn't it. That 50 year mark (half a century) keeps cropping up alot lately. LouieB
  17. Good one today. Check me out sometime. LouieB
  18. The Midday Mixtape Show is in a post Pitchfork haze, but will be on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 at 12-2 PM CT on www.wnur.org and Tunein and 89.3 FM. Lots of great music coming up including some artists who performed at Pitchfork (PJ Harvey, Colin Stetson, The Feelies, P-Funk, Priests, Tribe Called Quest, William Tyler). There will be a special segment on Television including some early demos, excepts from the Número Group new comp Summer Yacht, local rock group Jackass Magnets, jazz from Craig Taborn and Roscoe Mitchell, and lots of crazy odds and ends from Stevie Nicks, Little Brother Montgomery,
  19. It won't bring him down, but it sure is crippling him. I mean what the fuck did Donald Jr. think? Dumber than a box of rocks. LouieB
  20. Okay so July 11, will be a whole bunch of crazy singles, songs you haven't heard in awhile, some you have never heard, some you won't want to hear again, and some other nutty stuff. Join me and Carter (my friend who I sell records with) for some crazy crazy vinyl ephemera and some favorites. Come on you know you want to tune in at 12-2 PM wnur.org. Seriously it's going to be crazy. LouieB
  21. I have a one off show tomorrow Saturday, July 8, 2017 at 7 AM to 9 AM CT which will be interesting to improv/avant jazz fans. I am spinning the entire Wildflowers series on Douglas Records. Well not the entire. There are 5 disks so figure on cuts from Sam Rivers, Anthony Braxton, Roscoe Mitchell, Oliver Lake, Henry Threadgill, and others. Please join me. wnur.org or 89.3. Next Tuesday you won't want to miss. Crazy singles and other vinyl ephemera. LouieB
  22. Hey guys, I am on tomorrow July 4 at 12-2 for a fourth of July show on wnur.org. Will play plenty of favorites, some patriotic and some not, plus poetry etc. Not sure what yet, but it should be fun. Actually I just put the show together. Lots of obvious stuff including Woody, Bruce, Van, Neil, Los Lobos, etc, plus some new Roscoe Mitchell, a band called Sidewalk Chalk, some soul, some R&B, some poetry, some old political recordings (Taft and Bryan), lots of Sousa marches, Stephen Foster, and who knows what else. No one will be working so tune in. wnur.org It's easy. Oh did I mentio
  23. Tomorrow on Classical and Beyond 1-4 Central on wnur.org or 89.3 or TuneIn we are featuring noise rock guitarist Keiji Haino in various settings along with some electric Masada from John Zorn, Gyorgy Kurtag, and Arvo Part. Lots of fireworks on this one. Join us. LouieB
  24. The Midday Mixtape show on Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at 12-2 PM CT on www.wnur.org and Tunein and 89.3 FM is back with a blend of rock, R&B, country blues, and jazz. Featured this week will be solo Jeff Tweedy from his brand new solo record. Also featured will be a segment on the late great electric bass player Jaco Pastorius, including his solo albums, work with Joni Mitchell, and with Weather Report. Starting off will be cuts from Low, Antietam, and Cash Money. Additionally DJ LouieB will be spinning some vocal R&B from The Dells, The Orioles, The Five Keys, The Five Royals, and Hank B
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