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  1. Mavis!, Low Cut Connie, Mandolin Orange, Brandi Carlile, Raconteurs (Railbird festival day 1 right here in my very own town!!)
  2. Please Be Patient With Me while checking out at IKEA in Cincinnati.
  3. setlist.fm shows that they played "Who Told You That" at Jane Pickens Theater. She also did songs with Jason Isbell, Brandi Carlile & Yola, The Milk Carton Kids, Lake Street Dive, and Hozier. Quite an evening! https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/mavis-staples/2019/jane-pickens-theater-newport-ri-339e04f1.html
  4. Lucero, with Lucinda, Lydia Loveless, in Louisville. Should be a L of a show. ed: oops, wrong L's. thanks radiatortunes!
  5. Andrew Bird and George Winston. Really.
  6. ^ thanks all. I’m really happy someone snapped a pic. Although I think that might have been at the encore? Otherwise I’m pretty sure I would have been hoisting one skyward as well! Vince
  7. Should we list them chronologically?
  8. Nice work Tim! Great running in to you and your son in the tunnel... Vince
  9. Todd Reynolds and his violin took a beautiful song and made it absolutely gorgeous. Took my breath away.
  10. I really, really love that song on the album. Even better with headphones. But the 3-4 times I heard it live (during the Star Wars play-the-whole-record tour... has it even been played since?), I was a little disappointed. There are so many little musical nuances and details in the noisy part of the record that just didn't show up live. Everything was a little muddled in the noise - couldn't hear Nels' "jet-engine windup" or some of the other guitar parts. It was still good, and I'm not sure how you could even get all that separation and detail in a live mix, but I didn't get the levitati
  11. Wait, what? This whole thread was just your veiled ploy at GETTING food and beverage? Well then hell yes count me in!!!
  12. I was told there would be jerky. And I intend to collect.
  13. BBN Report : there were indeed two “pick up”s this time, and rather intense ones at that. There wasn’t one in the previous show, so it’s good to keep the average whole. The back to back duo of BBN and Laminated Cat is a rock and roll feast. Or beast. To say the least. Both of those have a new ending and Laminated Cat has gotten markedly better through this run. No signage was deployed during the show. Maybe 2nite? Non-BBN news: it’s been a real joy to watch them move through these post hiatus shows. This one had the most band-to-band interaction I’ve seen yet. They really locked eyes with ea
  14. I was just to bbop's right, directly in front of Glenn, but I was behind a rather large Dutch Elm Tree so you'd probably not see me from the front. Glad the sign made it through... it did bring quite a few smiles from the crowd around me.
  15. BBN report - as mentioned, the arrangement was a bit new on this one, with Pat back on bells again and sans-guitar, same as Knoxville. Jeff on electric guitar. Jeff’s mid-song shreds on electric are a welcome return, but I do miss Pat’s guitar on the outro. And he did indeed skip the “pick up” at the end this time. As for the nose stick-um name check, I have no idea. No signage was deployed for those interested. Perhaps AMS...
  16. I do feel a sign coming on....
  17. An excellent recap, sir! I applaud your efforts... at great volume!!
  18. Thoroughly enjoyed! Thanks for taking us along with you through Australia Darryl!
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