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  1. Shooter Jennings. Not my usual fare, but I hear he puts on a great show and it’s at my favorite local venue.
  2. “Rat’s Ass” would make an interesting cocktail name. But nobody’s gonna buy you one of those either apparently.
  3. Well, at the risk of preempting Sir bbop, a few observations from last night's show. A first for me - at the noisy end of IATTBYH I saw / heard Jeff back off the mic and sing a couple "I'm the man who loves you" lines, just like the record version. I've never seen/noticed this before. I was right up on the stage, so I'm pretty sure that's what he did. Quite cool. At the start of ALTWYS, when the band first kicks in after Jeff's solo intro, Glenn went quite beast-like as the drums kicked in. I kinda figured that since he's so deliberate / subdued in all the new tunes, he was just bursting w
  4. Funny you should mention that. At the in-store performance they did at Grimey's in Nashville, they were all 6 crammed into a tiny platform maybe 12x8 feet? Small amps for Nels, Jeff, John, Pat... keys for Mike and Pat... small kit for Glenn. 2-3 guitars each for Nels and Jeff. This was NOT a hootenanny setup. Played 7-8 songs, mostly new ones. All sounded just about like the full versions later that night, although Glenn clearly didn't have his full set of doodads ("accoutrements" per Jeff). Jeff mentioned at one point in the set something like "If this is all it takes for us, we're gonna
  5. That certainly makes sense. For Jeff’s solo instore earlier this year, wristbands were required and they still sold out and were packed. See y’all in line!!
  6. Ticket is sold. Cheers!! I have a FABULOUS single ticket for Nashville available for sale for this Sunday’s show at the Opry. $97 (face and fees from presale). Will call - I’ll meet you at the venue. Sec MF-4, Row EE, Seat 3 Vince
  7. Me!! Bought a wristband (priority entry over the non-payers if I read it correctly). Saw Jeff there solo - it’s tiny. Should be cool beans for sure.
  8. I agree on the "skippers" - those haven't moved me as much as the others. It's nice for this album to kinda settle in to something "normal" (faves, skippers, steady growers), but it also took quite a few repeated listens for me to start to feel that way. And still not totally sure if it will be in heavy rotation in a year or five. But happy to have it on steady repeat to find out!
  9. See, you're growing into a fine, upstanding adult now. And they said it would never happen.... Cheers bro!
  10. Stellar review!!!! Soooooo glad that the Nova made it back across the pond intact and with another worthy running buddy (RNG).
  11. If you had told me 10 years ago that VC would be the safe haven for civil discourse regarding a new Wilco record, I would have called you a liar. Or at least a lousy prognosticator.
  12. Massive hugs to each and every one of you all!!! Hangeth in there!
  13. Today it seems that all of our Ode to Joy chattering has piqued the interest of the Russian Spam-Bots once again. Lucky us!!
  14. Schmilco definitely had its share - Normal American Kids... Shrug and Destroy... somewhat Quarters, and even Common Sense (if you're waltzing on acid), which is why I put that in the arc to get from "noise to "dirge". And yes, that ignores the powerpop/rock contributors like ST or SW, but that's been somewhere in the mix for almost every record. I maybe should have added "introspective" in the arc (SBS/TWL), but that was too long of a word. But yeah, Sukierae was the most prolific example of the waltz genre for sure. One thing that I mentioned to a couple friends yesterday was that I'm tr
  15. So let's recap Wilco's career arc: Twang>Noise>Waltz>Dirge
  16. One lap through and I’m not totally sure what to make of it. Oh,TCP.... bummer, eh?
  17. Excellent news!! See you there. Or Nashville first to be precise. And hats off from me on the reviews....but a little more Nova coverage wouldn't kill ya, would it??
  18. Ken Stringfellow (round 2!) And Donna, round 1 was sooooo nice.... 25-30 people, set in a small chapel of a church. Basically a living room show.
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