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  1. As we suspend our in-person live music outings for a bit, I thought it would be good to have a special place for the virtual gatherings we're all enjoying. If you get the luxury of going to a REAL show, please post in the other normal thread... but maybe we could put our interwebs stuff here. In some ways, this is a nice little bonus in that we can see some acts/bands that we normally wouldn't go see and check them out in a free / no risk kinda way. (Yes, I'm an optimist). nalafej had this link for a calendar (thanks!) I watched the Low Cut Connie stream last night. He's doing more, a
  2. Nothin.... nothin..... nothin..... nothin at all.
  3. Congrats (I think?). I'm sure it's a relief to be getting some answers. Hang in there and let us know how it turns out. Vince
  4. I can’t imagine. Here In Kentucky we’re observing 14 days of mourning for the March Madness cancellation.
  5. Nashville GA pit was 2x what Asheville GA was once the fees kicked in. 2X!!!
  6. Be sure to catch the opener - Aaron Lee Tasjen is a blast.
  7. Color me a tiny bit chagrined, as I'm a non-attendee for this one. I agree that it's a little surprising to see the deeper "pro fan" friendly cuts. I can see why the Ode to Joy songs don't really fit in with the whole beach vibe, and why the band might want a little break from the rather heavy set they're touring lately. But I would have expected a little more "greatest hits" theme - certainly an IG and Jesus etc crowd pleaser in there. And maybe a little more poppy fluff (Candyfloss, The Song...). But then again there's two more nights for that. And any set without a Nova, or the prize-
  8. If you liked that combo, then a NovaCat will leave you in a puddle on the floor.
  9. The annual Vic shows (Jeff solo benefit shows). Hands down. Loose and hilarious.
  10. Sorry I missed you! Would have loved to meet and say hi. What a great evening. I crashed at 1:30 and bailed out then. Bbop was hanging in there when I left but our gal Wendy was starting to fade...lot of adrenaline expended! And for the record, I was going to switch things up on my request had my bid won a song. But glad that it seemed to help chip in a couple extra bucks for the cause! Vince
  11. Impressive how you worked “turkey” and “nuggets” into a sentence.
  12. I've wondered who's in charge of the printing / cutting / distributing of those.
  13. The Marcus King Band (with Aaron Lee Tasjen opening!!)
  14. "Oh yeah, it's Wilco Wednesday. It's just like Taco Tuesday, except it's Wilco. And it means that you have to be better than just a Wednesday audience." And with that proclamation after the fourth song, the challenge was upon us. I thought we did a pretty admirable job in stepping up, but maybe I'm biased. Wilco delivered another intense and full-throttle show for the Louisville audience in the gorgeous Palace theater this evening, playing to a rather sparsely filled venue (the balcony was filled about halfway back, and the wings on the floor were pretty sparse in the back as well) on a
  15. “Sickos”? I certainly prefer the previous label of “freaks”, but I’d probably answer to either one. See y’all in Louisville tomorrow!!! (Nice recap btw!)
  16. Well, bbop, you missed a good one. A Saturday night in a packed out INDOOR theater with plenty of heat to go around, in a city that tends to have pretty good Wilco audiences imho. The Taft is the lesser of the two main theaters in Cinci, a bit shabbier and smaller than the Aronoff a couple blocks away. Seated floor and balcony, with boxes in the front of the balcony and a couple very small side boxes flanking the stage. The guys seemed to be in pretty good spirits, and quite relieved to be playing indoors once again. "This is fucking awesome.... nice and toasty" Jeff remarked early on, af
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