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  1. So is Locke's pop in the bag going to stay dead, or mysteriously come back to life so that Locke has to whack him over and over to stay in Ben's good graces? We saw Patchie bleed out his ears and convulse into a heap, and the next thing you know he's running around pulling sticks out of ribcages. I'm waiting for the bag over Locke's shoulder to start wiggling. Dead ain't what it used to be on this show... The smokie-thingie being nano-tech is interesting. That idea made for a pretty good Michael Crichton book called "Prey" a few years ago. Personally I think that the whole thing i
  2. Five most-likely-to-hit-skip-on-the-cd-player-in-the-car tunes. Oldest firstest. Why Would You Wanna Live The Lonely 1 We're Just Friends Camera I'm a Wheel (BTW, my most-likely-to-smack-your-hand-if-you-hit-skip-or-turn-it-down tune remains Dreamer in My Dreams. Yes I know there's another thread for those.)
  3. June 30, 2005, Palace Theater, Louisville. The last show on the long leg of the AGIB tour. They were exhausted, and Jeff broke down a bit when he introduced the band and thanked them all for everything and said that there wouldn't have been any of this if it hadn't been for them. Then John introduced Jeff with a big hug and a "and what about this guy?" and the place went nuts. It was awesome. Oh, and the closing encore of Don't Fear the Reaper with MMJ wasn't bad either....
  4. Hey, if you understand your wife better then that's a beautiful thing. Love her better, love her forever, and listen to smushy love songs with her. You may even find a couple of those from your new favorite band Wilco. Take her to the show. Give her a big hug when Jeff says "I love you Susie" when they start ITMWLY or if they play something like Reservations or Walken. And be wary of deep emotional relationships with women who aren't your wife. Sorry, but 40 year old married guys don't do well in those. That movie has the same ending over and over. One nice thing about this board
  5. Missed the pit seats but got row C on Nels' side ...
  6. web site says... Tickets for this event go on sale Thursday, April 12th at 10am Eastern Time. not central...
  7. website says the Cinci presale is set for 10 am Thurs April 19, but the website says CDT for some reason. I think Cinci is in EDT. It still does not show up on the actual calendar list on the presale page, just on the "shows" page.
  8. Remember, sleep is highly overrated. Although dozing in the rocking chair with a snoozing babe in your arms is pretty much priceless. Congrats. Enjoy. Someone once told me it's a lot of long days and short years....
  9. Well there's some good news - not that we thought they'd all pack up & go home after a dozen North American (Canada acknowledged, thank you) shows.... Anybody have any insight on that? More east and south dates, or further west?
  10. The tree carving is the Hong Kong Subway symbol, sideways. MTR "Why" is another question.....
  11. Oh, I think we all "get" how good those are. I don't see much ragging on either of those on this board. What I see in most of the SBS posts is that most of us actually enjoy watching the transformation of the band, especially when it doesn't involve implosion. The ones who seem to be down on SBS seem to want to keep Wilco in a box. Who knows, maybe they'll follow this up with something that's more in line with everyone's expectations. In the meantime, I'm pretty content with the new album and a new tour..... good times.
  12. OK, let's try that for a while. Please... I like it. I love having Jeff's vocals right out front and clear the way they are throughout the songs. That combination of his vocals and lyrics on these songs make this a great album. Yes, the band sounds great. All of them. The other thing I really like about it is that it's not "just like" any other record they've done. If we had gotten YHF 2 or something like that, that's what would have disappointed me. So many bands today keep re-releasing the same formula over and over. I think it's good to put away some of the stuff that made YHF
  13. Well, that's OK - they won't let us back into Kroger's any more either.
  14. Um, one more PM w/link please? Kinda been under a rock most of March... thanks
  15. Always in Love.... or was this supposed to be the non-Wilco section only? Blinded by the Light (Bruce version)
  16. A few not yet mentioned, oddly enough - Marah I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business Smashing Pumpkins Along with the obligatory Beck / Radiohead / Flaming Lips triplet...
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