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  1. I'll be there, too. Wilco is always a popular draw at Jazz Fest. This year will be no different! And it looks like the weather is going to cooperate, too!
  2. Wilco 07/03/13 Tuscaloosa Amphitheater ----------------------------- On 7:55 Handshake Drugs Wishful Thinking I'll Fight I Am Trying To Break Your Heart Pot Kettle Black Less Than You Think Art of Almost Far Far Away Hesitating Beauty Born Alone Cinnamon Girl w/ My Morning Jacket Jesus, Etc Impossible Germany I'm the Man who Loves You Dawned on Me Off 9:08
  3. Anyone else going to this show? Seems like this one is a bit off the radar. I'll post a setlist tonight.
  4. Standing O was on the setlist? Damn!!! Would've loved to hear that soundcheck. I'll try to do that in Tuscaloosa.
  5. You know, that's a good point. MMJ's shirts were $35 as well.
  6. Two thoughts: 1. They should hire Hatch Show Print to do a poster for every tour. 2. No matter who they are touring with (Zimmerman...), a Wilco t-shirt should not be $35. That's Paul McCartney pricing, and even for him, it's ridiculous.
  7. They played Passenger Side, but did not play Airline.
  8. Follow @nyctaper-- he's doing play by play.
  9. I work at a store, and I'm holding a copy in my hand as we speak. They are ready, and they'll be available on Saturday morning. ..Oh...and they're fucking awesome.
  10. If you get a chance to see the 400 unit, don't miss it. Jason's a friend from the Shoals area, and in addition to being an amazing songwriter he's an even better guy. It's always good to support guys who are doing it the right way-- and he is. Good to see the love start pouring in for em.
  11. The mix on this 9:30 show is pretty flat to me. I mean, I'm more than grateful for something free-- and I appreciate it. But for me, I'd take Kicking Television all day. I don't get the "hate" for that...I thought it was a phenomenal live album. VERY well mixed and mastered. On the other hand, the audio tracks from the DVD sound wonderful. Thanks Wilco.
  12. Very excited for this one. Great venue, too. If the last time they were here is indication (Grammy Night 05), then it should be a good night.
  13. Reed

    Record Store Day

    I work at Oz in Tuscaloosa. I thought I would try to answer some questions, or just inject a few thoughts. And I get where you're coming from, so no hard feelings or anything. BUT-- 1. How could we possibly take something off of the shelves for our in-store customers and ship it to someone that didn't make it? 2. When there are 1,000 copies of something available and over 1,500 stores requesting multiple copies, stores truly didn't know until wednesday or thursday what they had. 3. If a record store is still open in this climate, it IS doing exactly what you think it should. Belie
  14. Can I just say that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should be in Memphis? That's all I got.
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