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  1. bummed. got nothing. really want to go.
  2. in the deep chrome canyons of the loudest Manhattans ? yep.
  3. me and my unmanageably large group of friends will be there! taking a my old business partner's kid to her first concert, too.
  4. I may have seen better wilco shows (this one was up there!), but I'm not sure I've heard jeff's voice sound better. I really loved the venue, my first time there. I traveled from nyc for it, and was bring along/seeing the show with a lot of folks who were seeing them from the first time, we ended up being a group of 10 or so... so I had to settle for being up in the tiered seats... and contrary to others, I was actually surprised at how well-behaved the crowd was... in fact, while attentive and singing along, they were a bit sedate for my tastes, I wanted to get up and dance! and everybody a
  5. dang. seeing explosions in the sky @ the summerstage that night. I want a bandana!
  6. ...the feeling of the first cooling breeze on a hot sunny day turned into completely infectious pop song? I can't wait to find some shade and
  7. I was at this show, too. and I liked the rough and tumbleness of it.... dug jeff's brief bruce impression and his worry that it would end up with him in the marshes. jeff making jokes about making the horn section trade getting a ride for giving him blowjob. yeah re: that noisy drunk... jeff actually said to him, "I hate you." before telling him he meant that in a way that was as someone who cared about him... and the actual words were that if he continued the path he was on that it was "a road sign pointing straight to satan's cage". it made for a nice segue into "jesus, etc.".
  8. wow. so jealous. as happy as I was to see both two nights each of radiohead and wilco last week, I really wanted to see this show... and part of me wants to hop a plane for red rocks right now! but I think I'll have to settle for Philly (don't have tix yet) and NYE.
  9. meeting new old fans. road trip. seeing wilco. yesterday, I wasn't going. today, thanks to the power of VC, I am.
  10. seen the black keys a bunch... this show was extra awesome, so much fun. check out some great pics (not mine!) here: @ the pool here's a bit on our opener tomorrow: jennifer o'connor
  11. Thames Express - "Happily Must Travel Light"
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