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  1. Yup! Such a fun night, despite my exhaustion. I finally got to hear Dreamer in my Dreams after yeeeeeeears of waiting. Definitely less hecklers tonight, which was great. I also really liked the new song a lot. It seemed lyrically dense (in a good way) and the melody was real pretty. I'm so excited about this new stuff, it's more folky/gospelly, but like Kalle said, I'm not sure how it'll sound with a full band. We'll have to wait and see! It was nice seeing everyone! What a pleasant way to end a decade long drought of Jeff shows in this city.
  2. Just a few thoughts... -Chinese Apple literally made me stop breathing. -New song sounded sweet. -To the dude behind me who thought he was having a private convo with Jeff the whole night...for the love of god, why? All in all, fun night, as usual. Does Jeff not use his Breedlove anymore? I don't think I saw it last night, unless I'm mistaken...
  3. Haha trust me, it often feels like I already live in your country. Thanks for adding Canada!
  4. Why is Canada in the "Rest of the world" category? Or should I just assume that I'm in the Northeast US? Unless....have we finally just fused with you guys!?
  5. Geez, that's a great setlist. I've missed Too Far Apart.
  6. I have gone many months without Facebook, because I've never had it. I assure you, it is humanly possible to not have Facebook. Also, everytime I tell people I don't have it, I either get "Are you crazy?!" or, most often, "You're so lucky, good for you, etc." People make it sound like they have no choice but to have it- is it an addiction or something?
  7. I haven't read much of her work, and what I have read has been alright, but Lorna Goodison is a Jamaican poet/author who I've heard a few people rave about.
  8. My credit card expired 9 days ago. I'm a fucking idiot. I don't even know if I was sent a new one. This blows.
  9. I think the only way I can go to this is if I hitchhike from Syracuse and sleep in the Williamstown Greyhound station.
  10. I was totally hoping Loufest was just a party at Lou's too.
  11. 39 songs! And that setlist! This more than makes up for the rainout in Lowell.
  12. It's true, it was a great show! We were just excited, is all. It's actually the second time this year its happened to me- I requested Blue Eyed Soul for the London show in February, and they soundchecked it but didn't play it until a few nights later in Ottawa. However, they played Someday Soon for me that night. So these are all grumblings of someone whose been spoiled rotten. I'm just trying to make up for not being able to attend the Residency shows...one rarity, one show at a time.
  13. Matzo with horseradish will forever be my favourite combination. Well, matzo related combo, anyway.
  14. Dang! I briefly considered going to the NYC show, but I looked at bus fares and I don't think I can pull it off in July. I hope they play Toronto at some point. Or perhaps I will come across a large sum of money. The funny thing is, my current money situation is Wilco's fault.
  15. Dreamer in my Dreams. So jealous. Next tour I'll have to request a song 5 shows before the one I'm going to so that they can work on it (I voted for it many times for Durham and it was one of, if not the, top requests).
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