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  1. Pardon me if this isn't the proper place to post this, but it doesn't look like Wilco is doing that Zimride thing for this tour. Does anyone know if there will be PACE buses running from the Orange Line Midway stop to Toyota Park? Their website says it runs for soccer games and for select other events. I suppose if worse comes to worse, I could call a cab.
  2. I know this post is getting long and old, but this commercial is fine. This band does so much for the community-how many benefits shows do they do every year?-and for its fans. Also, the song in the commercial is cryptic, many of us had to do a double take before we recognized it.
  3. Really beautiful version of California Stars. Made me cry. Thank you Woody Guthrie. Keep the hoping machine alive.
  4. Good point about the Waco Bros., but I would be happy if it wasnt a mistake, as I already got my hideout block party ticket. Wilco would just add to an already great event.
  5. Im listing to the XRT broadcast-sounds great, but is it me or does Jeff sound a little flat today. I know every show cant be perfect. Just wondering.
  6. Yeah, saw that. It'll be something to do Friday night!
  7. So glad to hear this, yes!!!
  8. Regardless of what is released, it will be Woody Guthrie's 100th bday celebration. Just listen to the mermaid ave. we already got and listen to Woody Guthrie! "Worried Man Blues" saved my life. The man wasnt perfect by any means, but celebrate his life!
  9. A great show. Loved hear a lot of sky blue sky stuff. It was funny when Mr. Tweedy told his wife to stop textin during the show. Indeed, it was! Lol!
  10. I was SO impressed by Nick Lowe. I googled him and saw he played the Old Town School of Folk music last year and am sad I just learned about him. The guy next to me last night was at the show just to see Lowe. I hope to get another chance to see him.
  11. I bought a ticket 2 hours before the show. Perfect sight line!
  12. If you can, keep checking etix.com for a face value ticket. Every day during my lunch I checked the site and last week the sold out button said buy. I only got one ticket, but I know today it was changed to buy again. My girlfriend was able to get a ticket. On both occasions it was around 2 pm chicago time. Oh, and this was only the case for the riv. show. Just my 2 cents. Good luck.
  13. Sorry to have wasted your time. Lol
  14. Hollinger, it looks like that will be a seperate release than the mermaid ave. "box set" mentioned on the link I posted. IDK.
  15. The link to the Woody Guthrie website, http://www.woody100.com/newreleases.htm
  16. Ok, so im not really in the need for new Wilco material, as their amazing new album just came out, but I noticed on the Woody Guthrie at 100 website that a new Mermaid Ave. "box set" will be released next spring. I wonder what the bands' involvement was, if any. Will there be new recordings? Woody's music, along with the Mermaid Ave. albums were/and are an important part of my life, especially when they came out. Anyways, just thought id mention it. It may have been posted before.
  17. I was unable to get Wico tickets for any of the shows at the Vic, but Son Volt is coming to Chicago in a few weeks and I got a ticket! The next best thing, I guess.
  18. Fow whatever reason, any 180 gram vinyl I buy skips a lot. It is so anoying. Don't have any Wilco vinyl, but had to say something with all the chatting about 180 gram.
  19. I'd love to hear some more Loose Fur, but I heard O'Rourke sold all his instruments and is living somewhere in Japan. Could be totally not true though. You know how the interwebs can be.
  20. I ordered mine when the presale was on and I got an email this morning saying the ticket is in the mail.
  21. I bought a lawn ticket this morning for the Millenium Park show. Anyone know what the view from the lawn is like? I know the Wilco Web site says "listening only". Oh, well, I'll pay $19 ($10 plus fees) to hear them live.
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