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  1. It's been a long dark night And I've been waiting for the morning It's been a long hard fight But I see a brand new day dawning I've been looking for the sunshine You know I ain't seen it in so long Oh, and everything's gonna work out just fine Everything's gonna be all right That's been all wrong 'Cause I can see the light of a clear blue morning I can see the light of a brand new day I can see the light of a clear blue morning Oh, and everything's gonna be all right It's gonna be okay It's been a long long time Since I've known the taste of f
  2. Longtime lurker, first time poster
  3. i know a certain Canadian who's gonna be up my ass for this one....
  4. yeah, i've seen some of his other reviews - but this one is pretty accurate as far as i'm concerned.
  5. hmm...i just read it. i can't say i disagree with the reviewer.
  6. just listened to that for the first time and i really, really liked it. NP: first listen as well
  7. Stars - Do You Trust Your Friends?
  8. The Besnard Lakes Are the Dark Horse a well deserved 88 from Metacritic
  9. so apparently the fact that i didn't enjoy anything about the "experience" is my own fault as fools?
  10. oh i don't consider it his best either, i'm just saying it's comparable.
  11. haha....i can only guess how you dirty-minded brits would use that term
  12. i think Pitchfork & AMGs reviews are waaaaay off....this is almost up there with the Black Album, with only two tracks i really don't care for.
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