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  1. Yep. The ATL Lollapalooza. I can't remember if they made it to the 2nd stage or not. I do remember that it was supposed to be Sinead O' Connor, but we got Pavement instead! Also, I remember the rain of plastic bottles during Cypress Hill. Haha, good times.
  2. Saw them at Lolla' 95 and they were awesome. That is also the night that made me an INSANE Sonic Youth fan. I have tix to the show this fall in Atlanta. Can't. Freakin. Wait.
  3. Indeed, I did have a meltdown. Effin' awesome show. Ashes was probably teh best performance of the night I have to say. So so soooo good!!!
  4. Also came on here to give props to the RAT. Awesome pedal. The Big Muff is superb as well. One of my favorite tones? The electric guitar part in "Guitar Town" by Steve Earle. Just sounds like a dusty highway!
  5. How about some Dr. Octagon / Dr. Dooom? (same guy)
  6. A squier strat is usually the way to go. I have seen many of those get beat up with all the punk rockin' and still keep on going, and they're not much different than a mexican strat.
  7. The Smashing Pumkins released an album after Siamese Dream?
  8. I saw them at a place in Atlanta called the Point in 1998. The club was so small that their equipment was tucked in a corner on the floor by the stage while the opening bands played. I got to hand Sarah (Sara?) some of her drums before they played! But yeah, I really dig their stuff. New Plastic Ideas is my favorite, and I love Fake Train.
  9. I agree, but since that alone is a HUGE task, you can't go wrong by starting with Daydream Nation. THe perfect mix of 80's style SY mixed with the 90's era sound. Their Magnum Opus in my (and about a million others') opinion!
  10. I heard "Box Full Of Letters" at Outback Steakhouse a couple of weeks ago.
  11. I will be nowhere near Chicago when it goes down, but I would hope to hear them play "When the Roses Bloom Again."
  12. FIVE YEARS probation for some pills? Draconian?
  13. I would kind of like to see a whole album show from these guys. I doubt that would ever happen, but we're dreaming here, right? Pick one from Summerteeth, YHF, Being There, or (insert favorite wilco album here) then a couple of encores with whatever. I would be there!
  14. I like both albums for ENTIRELY different reasons.
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