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  1. I became aware of Wilco around the time of YHF's release. It was on my list of albums to check out...never really made it to the top. Then a guy I jammed with back in the day was obsessed with WIlco and Superdrag. I bit on the Superdrag bit, and hard, but still didn't check out WIlco. Then one night, while having a few beers at a bar, I heard a song come on the juke box, and I looked to see what it was and I saw the cover of Being There on the screen. A little while later, I picked up Being There, and that's when I became a casual fan. Then that following Christmas, I got a gift certific
  2. Vol. 1 is finally starting to grow on me. I thought it would be a shoe in at first because I think anything M. Ward touches is gold, and I think Zooey is the bees knees, but I couldn't get over the kitchiness of it at first, it almost seemed too cute. Last week, I finally got over myself and let it be what it is supposed to be a good pop record. I'll have to check out Vol. 2
  3. These are some great lineups! I'd have to go with: Mike Campbell-guitar Ryan Adams-guitar/vox M.Ward-guitar/bass/keys/vox Tweedy-guitar/bass/vox Cindy Cashdollar-steel or Jon Graboff-steel Mike Mogis-misc. strings/keys Roger Lewis- drums That's just off the top of my head. I like bands with alot of instruments
  4. on SBS, I hear some Van Morrison-ish stuff...and through out their albums there is a very strong influence from The Band. Maybe some Buffalo Springfield, too? Those mentioned in prior posts are definite!
  5. I haven't been able to really get into the last two DCFC albums. I do LOVE the hell out of Transatlanticism, We Have The Facts..., and The Photo Album. I wonder if they'll try and channel some Wilco on this next record?
  6. Sorry for ressurecting an old thread. The Souldier straps are great! My g/f got me one for x-mas last year, the "stained glass" print, and that thing is light years beyond my Levy's cloth strap. So comfy and soft. , not to mention durable and doesn't fatigue my arm and shoulder I almost got one of the Owl print ones, but asked for the stained glass at the 11th hour
  7. I don't think FMIC is cheapening the Gretsch brand at all. If anything, they are trying to restore the brand. The Baldwin era really crushed the Gretsch brand. Just take a gander at the gretsch pages forum and you'll see how much praise post FMIC gretsches are getting. There is a lot of growing interest in the brand. I've never had my hands on a Guild vintage or new (I'd love a vintage Aristocrat). So I can't comment on those, but I get giddy each time I get my hands on a new Gretsch.... Gibson...I imagine some are nice. I have a sweet mid 90's Les Paul studio...but I haven't played
  8. I would second the use of an organ/keys through a leslie, or a vibrato pedal with some OD. I've also seen pics of an old magnatone amp being used in the loft. It could have been that if it is one with pitch-shifting vibrato on there
  9. I've never been a huge fan of leather straps...never long enough so my guitars generally hit at about my stomach area. I'm not even that big of a guy 6'-ish and about 220-230 lbs. I know what you mean about how nylon slides around. It definitely does...but not in a bad way. I think all of my guitars should have these straps...they aren't that bad of a price considering what vintage ace straps are going for these days!
  10. those souldier straps and belts are sweet. I need to get a sweet strap for my gretsch...the red owl pattern looks awesome...and maybe a belt or 2.
  11. I must be the only one who doesn't find these the least bit attractive. They do have a good tone though...just not my bag. I think they'd feel a little clumsy.
  12. I'd check out the bad bob boost, or a ZVEX SHO. Those two are some of the better ones, the ZVEX is a little pricey, but not as much as a Klon or BJF pedals.
  13. If I remember correctly, I think I read somehwere that he was playing a Bill Nash JM clone? I've played only one JM RI and it felt pretty clumsy to me. I did enjoy the J. Macis signature. I'd definitely be interested in seeing a Nels Sig JM. I can't remember what JM Nels was playing when he was here in Oct. I just remember his Jerry Jones 12 string, but he did play a JazzMaster or two
  14. I like Levy's a lot. I have one of the pattern ones which has been on my main guitar (LP or tele) until I got my gretsch (doesn't have strap locks on it yet). I also have a heavy duty leather one that is in a box somewhere. I'll have to check out some of the ones that are mentioned on this thread.
  15. I thought Tweedy was using a BSM treble booster? I'd love to get my hands on a Big cheese and colorsound overdrive. I wonder if the guys would dig the BJF HBOD? I have one and it is a great pedal, it adds a great feel to my amp. When did Tweedy switch to the new Vox rig?
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