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  1. Not sure what the quality is on this but the guy claims it's a "pro recording" whatever that means. Thought you guys might like to check it out. populusque.com
  2. Is anyone not able to get the JT/Sunken Treasure download to work? I have it but I thought I would download it anyway and see if there are any differences in quality. Thank you Wilco. This is all very great stuff.
  3. I think someone needs to settle down. It's OK to want what was promised. A lot of people will buy the DVD for the extras as well. I know I did. I saw the film at a showing earlier in the winter and could have done without buying it right away but I wanted the extras. I think your words were a little harsh. Unless you meant them all in jest and I just didn't pick up on the sarcasm. In that case, I'm a douche. Carry on.
  4. All the extras are accessed through a web page. Everyone gets the same thing. I'm sort of pissed they don't have these up yet.
  5. I was just wondering the same thing.
  6. I'm hoping for a leak as well because I know I'm going to buy it in at least two formats once it hits the shelves. I can't wait to blast this on vinyl!!!
  7. Last night Jeff said to wear your winter coats and look forlorn. Bulkier and uglier the better. He said the idea is very "high concept."
  8. I wish they would of played Spiders last night
  9. Jeff made a comment right before ITMHLY that Glen wanted to retire the intro. Then Jeff said something like "If it ain't broke don't fix it." Jeff also made a few other comments throughout the night to the affect.
  10. I've got this posted in the ticket section but if anyone has an extra for tonight, I will love you forever! brian 312-810-6028
  11. I bought the DVD at the show last night.
  12. I bought the DVD tonight in Milwaukee. I tried to access the bonus stuff and it's a insert your DVD in your computer type of download. No codes or anything. When I got to the screen nothing was there so I think they are waiting till the 18th to let you access everything. Just an FYI.
  13. http://picasaweb.google.com/bcart79/Wilco2...feat=directlink
  14. I driving up from Chicago in rush hour and will need to grab some food before the show. Just don't want to miss anything. I'll try and be in my seat around 8:15. See you all there.
  15. So what time do you guys think Wilco will come on? Probably about 8:30 if the opener comes on at 7:30? About a 45min opening set with a 15min set change?
  16. bcart12

    Wilco Vinyl

    That's funny, Neil was the person I was thinking of when I said $40. I think I paid that for Prairie Wind. I absolutely love that album and had to have it on vinyl. It did take a couple of visits to the record store to finally pull the trigger though. I think I also paid close to $40 for the new Raconteurs album. Also worth it in my mind. The packaging is really cool and the sound is fantastic. I usually only buy vinyl for albums I want to sit and digest in a full listen. I'm not a completest as in I need everything a certain band puts out. I can pick and choose. That being said I'll buy any
  17. bcart12

    Wilco Vinyl

    You have great logic here but some of the new 180 pressings get up into the $40 range depending on the album. I actually think the companies do just fine on vinyl releases. I'm sure they make just as much as they do on a CD, just in smaller proportions.
  18. What you should really be asking yourself is what kind of crazy fuckjob does his hair like that for a murder trial? Good riddance.
  19. I could handle a setlist like that. I don't think hearing any of the new material will hurt the new album for me at all. I love hearing new stuff live and getting that vibe for the first time. I would love to hear these tunes on Tuesday 4/14: Kingpin Casino Queen Side With the Seeds Misunderstood Spiders (Kidsmoke) War On War Hate It Here Can't Stand It Handshake Drugs I just picked tunes that I think they will more than likely play. I didn't shoot for the ultra rare stuff. Been rocking Casino Queen lately, always brings a smile to my face. My buddy and I will be in the third row
  20. So what should we be expecting from the boys? Will they be busting out new material right away or will they wait till it gets closer to the album release date? Do you think they will have the Total Pro's with them? Will Jeff be rocking a new wardrobe as mentioned in another thread? Due to all Jeff's solo shows lately, do you think he'll be bringing out some rarer material with the band? I'm just getting excited for Tuesday. Need a little discussion to settle my mind.
  21. This is a wiki history so it may not be completely accurate. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_Fades_Away
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