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  1. Hello everyone, due to some work issues my friends and I can't make the show on Monday, October 19th. I have two tickets available now but may have as many as 6. Seat location: section 112, row S, seats 15-10 Seating Chart If you are interested in 2, 4 or 6 tickets please contact me. Tickets are in Lincoln Park if you would like to do the transaction in person. Tickets are being sold just shy of face at $50 per ticket. cartwright_00 @ hotmail
  2. It's up on What? as well. Jeff's track starts off cool but just doesn't bring the vocal punch I'm accustomed to.Some other nice tracks on there though. It's sort of crap that they put You Never Know on there even though it does have some slight variations. It would have been nice to get something different. Wasn't Jeff doing Fake Plastic Trees supposed to be on this?
  3. Cissy Strut indeed. Love this tune and thought it was very cool to see Jeff and the kids jamming on this one.
  4. Well, here are my pictures. It was hard to get any good shots with the view I had. I was also kind of far back for my small camera. I also posted a link to my Picasa album. You can download any photos you want from there. Anyway, enjoy http://picasaweb.google.com/bcart79/Wilco20090721?feat=directlink
  5. For people who take the camera signs seriously, just be cautious with your camera. Hide it on you when you are walking in, just in case you get a pat down. Look around a little bit before you take a pic and never use your flash. Flash pics during a concert never turn out well. If you need the flash in order to take the picture, then the picture isn't worth taking...IMO.
  6. No worries man, I actually didn't know I was going until Monday. My buddy had extra tickets but I wasn't going to go but suddenly had to come to MI so I made it work. It would have been good to say hello at least. Didn't even really get on VC to see who was going either. I didn't take a lot of fantastic pics but some looked like they turned out fine. I had a bad eye line so a lot of the time I couldn't even see the band. But I did have a lot of room to dance so that was cool.
  7. I took a bunch of pictures but I left my camera cord at home and won't be back until next week. I got a few good ones of the backup singers so I'll pass them along when i get home. What a great show. My friends and I got in a little late so we didn't have a very good view but oh well. The sound got better and better throughout the night but started out a little muffled. Really fun show with a lot of great highlights. Thanks Wilco!
  8. Not the same impact as the real Rick Roll. Still funny though.
  9. The problem is that the cover is what sells copies. RS chooses covers that will simply sell a lot of copies based on the cover alone. I love Wilco and think they are one of the best bands in music today but I don't think having them on the cover is going to sell a lot of copies. Shit, they haven't even sold out a 1700 seat theater in Royal Oak, Michigan. I just don't get it.
  10. http://img40.imageshack.us/img40/6093/imgr.jpg
  11. I see your point, but you don't know me and are projecting your own view on someone you don't know based on a very simple post. I think you need to relax. I think if you met me you would see that I quite a pleasant person. I purposely didn't post anything yesterday when the other pic was up. Mods feel free to delete my posts as well as the replies if you feel I am crossing any boundaries. Off to the Cubs game, have a nice day everyone.
  12. I checked it out on Google maps and yes, not much to look at. I just got my old bike back and was looking for someplace to ride. Just thought it might be cool to check out. Even if I did see anyone in the band outside I wouldn't approach them. Not much for bothering musicians when they are just living their lives.
  13. Thanks to these pics I now know where the loft is. Going to ride my bike over there tomorrow. Just check it out.
  14. The App is Live: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore...678801&mt=8 _________________________________________________________________________ Not sure if this has been discussed in detail but I couldn't find anything in my initial search. I was looking around the new site and found something about an iPhone App in the info section. I did a search through the App Store but nothing came up. After doing a google search I found this: http://impost.roundarch.com/tag/wilco/ Anyone have any more information?
  15. Seems to be the same to me.
  16. Is the loft in Bucktown?
  17. It's funny you posted that. You Never Know sounds a lot like Harrison. Good tune.
  18. Listening now. Bull Black Nova is the shit!
  19. Also, here is a cut down version of Jeff's interview on Marketplace: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?kyyontmdtyw
  20. I think the lyrics are supposed to be in the forefront on this one. That being said I like the whole package. Wasn't expecting much more than what I got. Nice addition to the catalog. Woody is the man.
  21. Oxxys, you should check your PM's.
  22. They don't seem to be seeding though.
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