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  1. All i want for Christmas is you take me to the store and then the bank.
  2. 1) A Ghost is Born 2) Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 3) Being There 4) Summerteeth 5) Schmilco 6) Sky Blue Sky 7) Star Wars 8) The Whole Love 9) A.M 10) Wilco (The Album)
  3. "Normal American Kids" reminds me to "Open Mind"
  4. I really love Schmilco and i really enjoy Star Wars. These two records are much better than W(TA) and TWL. Not so good as YHF or AGIB but these are masterpieces and for sure Wilco never gonna fly so high again.....but Schmilco is a good good album and i think Wilco are in a good moment.
  5. Is not a Wilco song but a Golden Smog one written by Jeff "Listen dear mother, I miss you the most And as I travel from coast to coast I feel your love an' I feel your ghost Listen dear mother, I miss you the most Listen dear mother, I miss you the most" These lines make me cry.
  6. The one with the radio The one with the guitar The one with the moon The one with the towers The one with the egg The one with the birds The one with the camel The one with the.....(WTF is it?) The one with the cat The one with the comic strip
  7. Remember when Alpha Mike Fostrot = Adios Mother Fuckers was considered for sure the end of the band?
  8. I bet "hapiness" is a very sad song. And "cry all day" is a happy pop-song, in the style of Sunny Feeling.
  9. Last Saturday i saw Wilco in Madrid (Spain). Was my 6th Wilco concert and i think the best. Jeff was happy, the band was on fire and Nels was AMAZING. http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/wilco/2016/real-jardin-botanico-alfonso-xiii-madrid-spain-3bfffc1c.html In november, i´ll see them again in Berlin. (Germany......impossible?)
  10. In a Jeff Tweedy solo show in Spain in 2010, Jeff changed the vocals of Wilco (The Song) to "Nick Lowe, Nick Lowe will love you, baby" It was a festival and Nick played there too.
  11. YHF and AGIB are Wilco TOP. Almost impossible they return to this creative level. But SW is better than TWL and TWL is better than W(TA) so Wilco are in an ascendent way.
  12. yankee hotel foxtrot a ghost is born Beeing There Summer teeth sky blue sky star wars the whole love am wilco the album my first cd was beeing there in 1996
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