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  1. You can count on Letterman having the full episode available online at some point tomorrow. Now I just have to be patient...
  2. Must admit I was too busy drooling over their outboard gear...
  3. I also just saw it on comedy central... Not sure how I feel about this, It's mostly been my policy that if there is a tv ad for an album, it's probably not worth getting. Oh, well I already pre-ordered so theres no going back now.
  4. So I have been a Wilco fan living in central Illinois for many a year and the guys rarely come down here. The one time I spend any time in chicago is the tour they choose to completely neglect their home town! (I'm spending July in chicago doing an internship.) Its totally my luck but maybe I can make the listening party...
  5. Is it weird that NOW is the first time I've actually wanted an iphone?
  6. HAHA Indeed weather is a very prominent theme. Though, I just realized, screen doors are often refered to as weather doors... Hmmm I wonder if there is something more to that.
  7. So my prof. wants this essay to analyze a text and tie it to small town country life. It's for a very interesting class called Rurality in the American Imagination. Anyways, I thought Screen Door by Uncle Tupelo would be a great text to work with. So to get supplement my analysis, I wanted to hear some of your ideas and how you interpret specific parts of the song. Thanks!
  8. Pyrotechnic Orgy ... It could happen.
  9. Whos in for abstaining until the vynil comes out? Yah me neither...
  10. zkits

    Wilco DVD

    My only critique is that all the shots save for one come from the stage (or right in front of it)... It seems a little claustaphobic. Anyways, all I'm hopin for are some shots from the audience's perspective so I can see everything all at once. That's my two cents. However, I still think this DVD is totally going to rock!
  11. Wow that is hilarious.
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