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  1. As an erstwhile Anglophile, I was fully aware of the implications of that post. Now back to the mantis dance...
  2. See if I ever recommend New Zealand folk pop parodists to you then.
  3. Though I'm eternally grateful for the lack of footage capturing the "Raspberry Beret" mantis dance.
  4. And once again, thanks to Chandler and the FOH gang (Dave and Mart) for the proper mic placement and knob twiddling. You'd barely even know we're there!
  5. Big ups to Chandler for his work on the show!
  6. Both LA shows, as a matter of fact. Also, the two DC shows in October (October 14 and 15), not just because of the sentimental value , but 10-15 was the first time the band played "Poor Places" live. There's also some goofiness with Leroy hitting his head and leaving the stage on the first night. Finally, a show I didn't attend but that I really dig: Austin, 9-27, taped by our own Tugmoose. The puke breaks are kinda charming, believe it or not--at least on disc, not so sure about in real life.
  7. By popular request, the stately Amelia and the lowly posing pouch:
  8. Now if only Brianne can make goat's head-shaped baklava, we'd be in business. A couple more pics:
  9. Now having heard "The Long Cut" live, I can retire gracefully from the concert circuit...or not. Thanks to everyone who made this weekend possible. Just when I think I know what to expect, it keeps getting better. The new faces: You are a glowing addition to the festivities. The old faces: I've long stopped trying to imagine life without you. And Jeff and Susan, for their bountiful generosity. I can't do justice to the highlights, but that won't stop me from listing a few: learning the connection between "The Ruling Class" and the King of Hill TV series; finding out who the true guitar vir
  10. Or later that night, from the headliner: I am the robot who killed all the humans
  11. Neil, schmeil--tell me about Flight of the Conchords! By the way, the alleged 6th black Wilco fan may have been there for Sonic Youth, who were also on the bill that day.
  12. You've got to know I've taken hits protecting you And keeping you from toppling yourself Trust me when I tell you it's a big amount of work And my time is better spent on myself Leaving you with no one keeping tabs Leaving you entirely up for grabs The world will revolve and Your sob story's growing something old I'm not going to solve them You're someone else's problem now You are someone else's problem now Everything I did for you was out of love Take, for instance, running when you called But you didn't ever, given you abused your privileges So it shouldn't be surprising that I've stall
  13. Tell me why I feel so bad, honey TV's flat and nothing is funny I get sad and stuck in a cone of silence Like a big balloon with nothing for ballast Labeled like a bottle for Alice Drink me down or I'll drown in a sea of giants And tell me, "Baby, baby, I love you It's nonstop memories of you It's like a video of you playing It's all loops of seven-hour kisses Cut with a couple near-misses Back to the scene of the actor saying: 'Tell me, baby, baby
  14. You can spot a number of us in this one:
  15. I know of at least one picture where you can't see him:
  16. A simple tale of rich to rags But one that often comes to mind The seer that looked into the mirror And left his sleeping wife behind I said goodnight Sir John Dee Well light is a medicine to all of us With which we feed the silver lamb That walks beside the wolf of the trinity They say her teeth are made of sand I said goodnight John Dee Goodnight A lantern swinging like a pendulum The shape of your smile's shadow appears To invoke the worst I reached into my purse And I took out the shew-stone gently And I said goodnight well goodnight John Dee Goodnight well goodnight John Dee Goodnig
  17. September gurls do so much I was your butch and you were touched I loved you, well, never mind I've been crying all the time December boys got it bad September gurls, I don't know why How can I deny what's inside Even though I'll keep away Maybe we'll love all our days When I get to bed, late at night That's the time she makes things right Ooh when she makes love to me =========== Makes me wish I were one
  18. Tria--ah, never mind. Thanks in advance, K-Train.
  19. Rob, it's come so far since those early stages! It looks cool, and I can't wait for the official road test to begin.
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