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  1. Recurring Dream: The Very Best of Crowded House
  2. Fountains Of Wayne - Utopia Parkway Still not liking this.
  3. Robyn Hitchcock - I Often Dream Of Trains
  4. Elliott Smith - From A Basement On The Hill
  5. I'm really surprised by the love for Logan. I hated his character. I especially hated how he went from being too weak to make any decision whatsoever to leading a plot against his own government to "secure the oil interests of this country for years to come."
  6. The Futureheads - S/T I really liked the one from last year so I thought I check this one out. I gather that many people like the debut better.
  7. TV on the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain
  8. If you contact your (House) representative in enough time, you can get free tickets for a tour of the Capital. It's guided and has lots of cool stuff. The only problem is that sometimes they are given by interns who make shit up. I made lots of shit up when I gave them.
  9. The Cure - Wish This is not my favorite Cure album but "Friday I'm In Love" is perfect.
  10. Heartless Bastards - All This Time Another VC recommendation. I'm not getting the PJ Harvey comparisons but I am liking this a lot.
  11. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Living With the Living
  12. I don't think I know any Zeppelin fan who lists that as their favorite Zep album. I would rank III in my top 3 or so.
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