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  1. Will do; thanks. I acquired More Parts per Million but can't tear myself away from Body... long enough to try it out.
  2. How are they live? I'm so in love with their latest that I would consider driving down to ATL to see them.
  3. My wife and I are considering buying a iPod shuffle for our nephew for his birthday. I love my new 80GB and thought an iPod would be best to get him as well, though he doesn't need one quite as large. My questions is: how well does the iPod shuffle work without a view window? I'm not sure how you see what song you are playing or choose a song if you have a specific one in mind. I have done some googling but can't seem to find out so I'd appreciate anyone with some experience to let me know how it works and if it's pretty convenient. Thanks.
  4. Al Green - Call Me I'm on a Al Green kick lately.
  5. The Shins - Wincing the Night Away I love this.
  6. Tindersticks - Simple Pleasure I'm still trying to figure out if I like this but I think it's starting to sink in.
  7. I also can't really get into anything before Shadows, but it, Curtains, the Will to Death are all great. Shadows was my introduction to him (thanks to VC) and is still my favorite.
  8. Joseph Arthur - Our Shadows Will Remain
  9. Idlewild - Make Another World Never listened to these guys before.
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