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  1. From Wikipedia regarding Norm Coleman: pro-life — he universally opposes abortion rights opposes the legal recognition of same-sex marriages or civil unions in his first year in office, voted with Bush's position on bills 98 percent of the time I don't know anything about this guy myself but he doesn't sound very different than most other Republicans. Is Wikipedia missing it here or am I?
  2. Idlewild - 100 Broken Windows Only a few times through but not liking this much at all.
  3. George Harrison - Living In The Material World Give Me Love is a great, great song.
  4. Deerhoof - Friend Opportunity I hate Deerhoof but I'm listening to this anyway because it is supposed to be more listenable than their other stuff.
  5. Buffalo Tom - Big Red Letter Day After about a year, this album is starting to click with me.
  6. The Byrds - The Notorious Byrd Brothers
  7. Here it is: http://www.sendspace.com/file/wge8i8 Admins, if this is a problem, please let me know or edit out the link.
  8. I dl'ed a bunch of stuff based on year-end lists, but haven't made it way through many of them more than a time or two. Of the stuff that's received repeated plays, these two come to mind as being quite good: Ox - American Lo-Fi Peter Bjorn & John - Writer's Block Both came from VC lists and Ox came from lizish (I think). Thanks!
  9. 1 Damien Rice – 9 Crimes 8 2 John Legend – Save Room 7 2 The Thermals – i might need you to kill 7 2 The Thermals – An Ear for Baby 7 2 The Thermals – Test Pattern 7 2 The Thermals – Returning to the Fold 7 2 The Thermals – A Pillar of Salt 7 2 The Thermals – heres your future 7 2 The Thermals – st rosa and the swallows 7 2 The Thermals – Back to the Sea 7 11 Damien Rice – Me, My Yoke And I 6 11 John Legend – Heaven 6 11 Damien Rice – Rootless Tree 6 11 The Shins – Australia 6 11 Badly Drawn Boy – The Time Of Times 6 11 Bob Schneider – Big Blue Sea 6 11 Damien Rice – The Anima
  10. Still early for me too but I think I like this better than Mysterious (and I loved it).
  11. Several times over the past two weeks, when I first arrive in the morning and click on Get New Posts, it will take me to posts that I've already read. (It happened this morning and at least one of the past three days, for example.) It generally think the oldest new post for me is somewhere mid afternoon from the previous day, being off by a couple of hours. It's not that big of a deal but I was wondering if anyone else was seeing this.
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