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  1. My Elliott Smith ranking would be: Either/Or Figure 8 X/O S/T From a Basement on the Hill Roman Candle. I would think that any of those top 4 would be a good place to start but I know several people who think Figure 8 is too polished and over-produced. I'm not one of them (obviously) but Either/Or or X/O are sure to convince you of his greatness.
  2. I also thought he was underwhelming relative to expectations but he did look extremely presidential and did have several good answers. I thought he started very cold and got better. I agree that he botched the "attacked" question but Edwards' answer was worse on that. That was another bad question - "what if two cities were simultaneously attacked and he were sure that it was Al Qaeda?"
  3. I agree that Richardson was the big loser for the night, but didn't have a problem with the Gonzales answer. My problem was that he seemed uncomfortable and unpresidential. He was leaning over at one point, struggling to hear a question (he was among the closest to Brian Williams). He also bumbled a couple of times at the start of question. I thought Clinton started the strongest and Obama finished the strongest. I thought it was interesting how those two didn't go after each other in the slightest way, even indirectly. They each, at one point, referred to the other by their first name
  4. First tape: Def Leppard - Hysteria First concert: some southern gospel group, similar to The Oak Ridge Boys or The Statler Brothers but with more gospel and less country. I'm much prouder of the concert than the album. Many of those groups had very talented singers and excellent harmonies. The concert atmosphere is something I wouldn't enjoy today, but I loves me some good harmonizing.
  5. For Indy, we got: Section ORCH-C, Row P, Seats (5, 6). Does C mean center? The seating chart has A and B on the orchestra.
  6. Thanks for the replies. (I'm on a PC by the way.) I think iSproggler will work for me, but what I was trying to do was send all the songs I have ever listened to on my iPod (four months old) to my Last.fm profile. It seems that it won't allow that because I have played tracks on the computer since playing tracks on the iPod and it won't accept tracks with a time prior to the most recently submitted track (or something like that). Not a big deal I guess.
  7. What program do you use to get the tracks you listen to on your iPod onto your Last.fm profile? I have heard of the following ones: Yamipod Audiopod jscrob2. I installed jscrob2 but cannot get it to work despite reading through a 26 page thread about it on the Last.fm forum. Before wasting anymore time, I wanted to see if you guys had any luck with it (and any great tips that I might be overlooking) or another program. Thanks.
  8. How does the new Ry Cooder compare to Chavez Ravine? I really enjoyed that record but haven't gotten around to his new one for some reason.
  9. These are the only ones I've listened to enough to say much (in some rough order): Wilco - Sky Blue Sky Andrew Bird -Armchair Apocrypha Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Some Loud Thunder Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank The Arcade Fire - Neon Bible The Shins - Wincing the Night Away Voxtrot - Voxtrot David Vandervelde - The Moonstation House Band EP Son Volt - The Search Calla - Strength In Numbers Amy Winehouse - Back to Black Joss Stone - Introducing Joss Stone The Good, The Bad & The Queen - The Good, The Bad & The Queen Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Living With
  10. I know these guys have a lot of fans around here but I have never been able to get into them. After really liking this song (thanks for the heads up, summerfoxtrot), I decided to spin Alligator again and now it sounds great. I especially love Mr. November. I now may be a convert.
  11. No such problem today. Thanks for taking care of this Solace.
  12. Just cleared cache and all cookies. I'm at home now but I'll be back at the office again tomorrow morning. I'll post around noon whether it occurred or not. Again, thanks for all your hard work.
  13. There is already a thread on trouble logging in but I think I have narrowed down the source of my problem (different from that one), so I started a new thread. I visit the site from home and from my office, but when I first visit at the office after having browsed from home, I have to log in. Then when I return home, I have to log in again. I also have problems with posts appearing as new again even though I've read them and that coincides with browsing from the office after having logged in again. I have deleted the cookies from the board via the button the main page and via my browser di
  14. Am I alone in not liking Intervention? It's the only one I really don't like.
  15. Jonathan Fire Eater - Wolf Songs For Lambs I really love the Walkmen (the first two albums at least) but this is not catching me yet. I still need to hear their EP which is supposed to be better.
  16. I think it's better than Eggs. Both are great albums though.
  17. Just saw solo live a few weeks ago. He's amazing.
  18. Son Volt - The Search This is growing on me. Jay's voice bothers me at times but I think there's still a lot here.
  19. Crowded House - Recurring Dream: The Very Best of I am starting to really like this band after years of indifference. I got a feeling a best of won't do me for much longer.
  20. Billie Holiday - The Ultimate Collection
  21. Is it possible to customize "View New Posts" such that it only shows topics from certain forums? Obviously if I only want to see the posts from certain forums, I can simply click on them, but this feature would make "View New Posts" more useful for me. Not a big deal of course. Thanks.
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