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  1. To save others who are interested a few minutes, I've pasted Brian Henneman's two most telling posts from the Farrar board. Link is below. "Hello friends, TRUST ME. The Wilco book does NOT paint the picture accurately. I love Jeff, I love Jay, I was there in the early days. I didn't see any outright LIES, but, I did, swiftly, catch the fact that it is a "spun" telling of the tale. I did see some inaccurate information. Jeff is a great talent. Jay is a great talent. Neither one is "better" than the other. They're just different. Don't buy into the "character assasination" of Jay, that
  2. 1. Automatic 2. Murmur 3. Document
  3. David Ford - I Sincerely Apologise For All The Trouble I've Caused Another album I've discovered from here. Laughing Aloud knocks me out every time.
  4. I love it. Rhino's deluxe edition is worth it if it's not too much more. Some of the bonus tracks on that get listened to as much as the album.
  5. Beth Orton live from 3rd and Lindsley (Nashville) on Lightning 100 with Leroy Bach on bass
  6. The Rentals - Return Of The Rentals First time through.
  7. David Bazan - Fewer Moving Parts Love this.
  8. Dwight Yoakam - Dwightyoakamacoustic.net Great album.
  9. Re: Gomez Agreed. I still don't think I'll keep coming back to this one. I can't say what exactly it is about it, I just don't think it will stay high in the rotation.
  10. Gomez - How We Operate I like this but it sorta fades into the background and is not blowing me away like their earliest records.
  11. So you're telling me I have a new favorite band?
  12. Wire - Pink Flag Where has this album been all my life? Great stuff.
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