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  1. The Lemonheads - The Lemonheads I can already tell I'm gonna love this.
  2. Every single album has something to offer but I'm a complete fanboy. Note that the spelling is Zeppelin. My ranking is: III Physical Graffiti II I Zoso Presence Houses of the Holy In Through the Out Door Coda is a collection of leftovers that is certainly better than ITTOD. For starters, I would suggest III, Zoso (75% of it you'll probably already know by heart), or Houses of the Holy (not a personal favorite of mine but very popular with fans). Physical Graffiti is the "hardest" of the albums but a close contender for first for me and a favorite of lot of fan's that I know. Prepare t
  3. Band of Horses - Everything All the Time Getting ready for tomorrow night's show!
  4. ^^^ There is a much better example of an overrated album.
  5. The Long Winters - Putting the Days to Bed I liked but did not loved the last one but I think this may be catching me more. Too early to tell though.
  6. I've heard all the stories about who did and did not play on what, but Exile is still my favorite thing they've done. It never occurs to me to think about who is playing what unless I'm playing music trivia or something. It holds together as an album so well. I agree that the songs individually may not be as strong as some off their other albums from that period, but I think this really is an example of the correct use of the term masterpiece.
  7. Just to be clear, the numbers on the left are the dates in November of the shows. The other dates refer to on-sale dates. Right?
  8. Lupe Fiasco - Food and Liquor A friend has been talking about this guy for months, based on some early singles/myspace tracks. I'm just through a couple of songs so far.
  9. I thought that the best you could do was set the gap to 0. I was under the impression that you still get a hiccup of silence that was really only evident when listening to live stuff where you'd hear a tiny half-second break in the clapping. Is this wrong? Can you do a true DAO with iTunes 6?
  10. So does the burner bundled with iTunes (Windows) now support disk-at-once (gapless) burning? I never use it because it inserts gaps in whatever I burn but now since the player is gapless, shouldn't the burner be too?
  11. Great album. Love me some PJ. NP: The Frames - Dance The Devil
  12. I think everyone I know has a different favorite of theirs. My ranking is: March 16-20, 1992 Anodyne No Depression Still Feel Gone But all of their records are great. I would say Anodyne is the best place to start of their proper albums.
  13. Tap Tap on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/taptapmusic Any opinions on these guys? The Pf review intrigued me enough to prompt a google search.
  14. Dwight Yoakam - dwightyoakamacoustic.net Such a great album.
  15. How is that? I've liked but not loved several of his albums but was considering not bothering with this one since he never blows me away.
  16. Both seconded. Both among my favorite Zep songs.
  17. Other new bands that deservingly get a lot of love around here: Band of Horses Midlake
  18. Must have been too early. What I meant was that for the extra effort and time it takes to read a book, I would like one that rewards above a beyond the movie. I didn't feel like that happened. At least for me.
  19. Just finished: Michael Chabon - Wonder Boys I was a little let down by this. I had heard so much good stuff and loved the movie. It was good but just not something that the book was that much better than the movie. I hate reading stuff that I've already seen the movie though. NR: Shakespeare - King Richard II Up Next: Joyce Carol Oates - Because it is Bitter, and Because it is My Heart
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