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  1. Correct. Unless you're making a point about the fact that many/most wired phones these days are VoIP, "landline" is the correct term.
  2. Go to the Moroccan-SalvadoreƱo fusion restaurant down the block?
  3. I also discovered, while typing up a detailed history to Verizon customer service, that this was actually at least the ninth time I called them in the last 28 days.
  4. Today on my seventh call with Verizon since August 8, I learned that they have sent me the wrong router. This is after sending the (wrong, right, who knows?) router to the wrong address at least twice.
  5. Today I will call Verizon for the seventh time trying to get my new cable boxes and router to work properly.
  6. The only reason I remember the date is because it was my mother's 20th birthday. I find time & occasion to leave my domicile nearly every day. Yesterday I went on a bike ride. Today I am at the office.
  7. The landing was on July 20. Born 1976. I vaguely remember Reagan being shot and Sally Ride being the first American woman to go to space, but like many others, the first big event I remember clearly is the Challenger explosion. I was at an off-site thing with some of my fifth-grade classmates, and the mother who came and picked us up was crying. Took us a while to understand what was going on. One of my teachers that year had participated in the Teachers in Space program, but didn't get selected to represent Kansas.
  8. Today I discovered that the tiny fridge I have behind my desk at work has broken.
  9. We did take honey from one of the hives this past summer. Both hives died or absconded during the fall. We have three hives currently and will be installing a fourth soon. Seconded.
  10. "Share if you think only Presidents should be on our currency"
  11. If by "self-conscious of your 'manhood'" you mean "shit liquid fire," then yes.
  12. Today I learned that I really should stop going to that kebab place.
  13. The glue Whisperlite uses on their stickers won't stick to burners, stupid.
  14. Without an unbroken chain of custody, there's no way of knowing the stove has never been used, stupid.
  15. Before googling just now, I had no idea what goetta is, nor any recollection of badmouthing it. Seems like something I would like, so I don't know why I would have said anything bad about it. I do recall trading some words a while back about Cincinnati "chili", which remains an abomination, and I stand by anything negative I (or anyone else) might have ever said about it. I don't know what that has to do with NoJ being a dum-dum, however.
  16. Dogs can't look up, stupid.
  17. Birds can't fly in the rain, stupid.
  18. The name is Tommy DiMassimo. Why is assuming he's affiliated with ISIS (based on a fake video someone put together that suggests he's affiliated with ISIS) racist?
  19. Dean clearly has a point, although that song's a pretty easy target. I also appreciate that he likes Belly and the Toadies (which may be the only thing I ever had in common with Crowjack).
  20. The most offensive thing about this to me (quelle surprise) is that it's grammatically incorrect. You dispel a notion. You dispense with a notion.
  21. You mean like "Buy Four Get One Free"?
  22. That would work in precincts with an even number of delegates, but they are awarded proportionally, so they have to have some kind of tie breaker to determine who gets the extra delegate in a precinct with an odd number.
  23. There is video of the arrest from an FBI helicopter. He's not charging at the police, but he reaches into his jacket several times before he was shot. He did have a handgun in his jacket.
  24. The driver of the other car of militia guys says LaVoy Finicum charged at the police.
  25. Thanks for inviting us over.
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