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  1. The confusion could have been averted had *somebody* used the correct title for the 4 Non Blondes song, which is "What's Up?"
  2. Livin it down Just enough time to revel
  3. It's the sharif who does not like it.
  4. It probably annoys you because you have the lyric wrong, dumbass.
  5. One of the ESPN talking heads mentioned that in 7(?) attempts from the one yard line this year, Marshawn Lynch scored once.
  6. I think three months is long enough to wait until one of these "facts" is actually "fun."
  7. I bet the arborist wasn't pleased.
  8. By all accounts, Coakley is a total shitshow, and most of my Democrat friends in Massachusetts voted for Evan Falchuk. Seems like most of them are satisfied with the result.
  9. Good thing I had to show my driver's license at my polling place yesterday. Somehow that didn't stop the election official from telling me I was voting at the wrong location and attempting to turn me away, despite the fact that the record he had called up on his computer matched the name, but not the voter ID#, birthdate, or address on my ID, which he was holding in his fucking hand. We called the supervisor over and sorted things out.
  10. Did you have any trouble getting the TP out of your trees?
  11. I'd be willing to bet that there are rats in your yard.
  12. I don't recall the squirrel making any comments about smelling all horsepiss. Speaking of The Tempest, my wife and I watched a Dr. Who episode last night in which the antagonists were known as the Sycorax.
  13. My AP English teacher fed the squirrels on the ledge outside our classroom window until the day one of the squirrels decided to come into class to see what was up with Chaucer or The Tempest or whatever, and peed on the windowsill/bookcase. She stopped feeding the squirrels after that.
  14. You don't see the rats until they want you to, man. None of this really has much to do with Halloween.
  15. Biting the heads off flowers (especially sunflowers) is classic rat behavior.
  16. The culprit in both of these stories is rats, not squirrels.
  17. How do you get rid of a tapeworm with six lemon cookies and a hammer? Crumble up one cookie and shove it up your ass every day at the same time of day for six days. On the seventh day, when the tapeworm doesn't get its lemon cookie on time, it pokes its head out of your ass and yells "Where's my lemon cookie!?!?" and you hit it over the head with the hammer.
  18. Not in Virginia, it's not.
  19. Yesterday I almost cut the tip of my middle finger off. As it is, I will be typing slowly for a while.
  20. There is no chance that sandwich thing is real, but it's funny.
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