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  1. Uh, bro, Noah and his boat happened after the eviction of Adam and Eve.
  2. Or that they feel like keeping results to themselves, which is very much their right.
  3. PSH was living alone. All of those bags were his.
  4. It means ih8music is quitting the sauce and his friends are being less than supportive.
  5. One of my fraternity brothers was named Walter Song.
  6. I had no idea John Elway played bass.
  7. The columnist should bone up on his geography. The Fort McHenry Tunnel is in Baltimore, which is 70 miles into Maryland traveling south on 95.
  8. Sounds like an ombudsman to me. I don't know what that other thing is.
  9. Yeah, but the thing is, you go in thinking you'll get the 12", and just eat half, leaving half for leftovers, and then you eat the whole sandwich and now you're a fat asshole with no self control. (I mean NoJ is the asshole, of course, not you.)
  10. According to gogo's link above, the (a?) third is a guitar tech for Beck, or was in 2003 anyway.
  11. He understood your point and agreed with it in the previous post.
  12. Now that you mention it, the haggis does look a little like it came from an outtake of 2 Girls 1 Sheep's Stomach.
  13. It was mentioned here a while back. I don't know what this means. I'm not Scottish, if that's what you're asking, and I don't know either Mr. Tweedy's heritage.
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