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  1. It was the D handle on both of them. Both are older shovels and the plastic handles just gave out - so not the shaft, but the bit where you grasp it with the back hand. The snow wasn't particularly heavy, and I wasn't picking up very much of it at a time. One was a straight-handle, flatter-bladed one, and the other was like the one above, but with a more pronounced curve and a deeper scoop. The scoopier one still works well enough that I can keep the dog's landing area clear.
  2. Somewhere in between, and you're correct about the snow blower, although it was probably an average of 18-20" on the driveway, since we went out and took off the first five or six inches before bed last night. Both of my snow shovels now have broken handles, but I got most of the driveway done (it is now filling up with snow again). We had planned to pay some neighborhood guys to shovel what's left of the driveway and sidewalks once the snow stops for good, so it looks like we're at that point now regardless. Guess I'll just have to spend the afternoon drinking beer.
  3. Woke up to this and had to make a place for the dog to pee. Now I am going to go see if my (cordless electric) snowblower can handle 24 inches.
  4. We're looking at between two and three feet here in Manassas.
  5. It's awfully cis-normative of you to suggest that only males have dicks.
  6. I was one year old when the first one came out. I wasn't not moved and I wasn't put out by the strong similarity to previous plots and themes, but I do hope the next two movies distance themselves from the original trilogy more than this first one did. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  7. Yeah, I really enjoyed the movie, but it was basically a remake of Ep IV. Hoping it's setting the table for breaking some new ground in VIII and IX.
  8. Why are you assuming he feels guilty about the hookers?
  9. Point of order, this flag is the Stars and Bars:
  10. The bees are likely dying because of the surge in use of neonicotinoid pesticides (among other reasons). Osmia (mason) bees, which are much more efficient pollinators than honeybees, and bumblebees are also declining.
  11. The guy who tried to shoot him said that Zimmerman brandished a gun. I do not find that hard to believe, although what else is the guy gonna say?
  12. Yes. We lost all of our bees each of the last two winters (four colonies total, two each winter). We currently have two healthy colonies and hope to get some honey this summer. Whatever happens, it's mostly fun keeping the bees. It does suck when they all die or abscond though.
  13. Peppers are fruit, sir. Also, if NoJ's ghost pepper plant is anything like mine for the last couple of years, it will produce a ton of peppers, most of which never actually ripen.
  14. I ate a cheeseburger and french fries last night. I generally alternated between burger and fries, timing it so that I ended with one bite of burger after I finished my fries.
  15. It depends on what it is that I'm eating.
  16. We had friends when I was a kid who named a dog Schaeffer after the beer. They also had dogs named Bacardi and Daiquiri before the parents put the kibosh on alcoholic pet names.
  17. You're insane. The worst beer of all time is Meisterbräu, hands down.
  18. I have no idea what you're talking about. That took me like 30 seconds, tops.
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