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  1. You know, the name of the sausage comes from the name of a country. Show some goddamn respect and capitalize the goddamn thing. No, not "Bratwurst," although, as a German noun, it should always be capitalized too.
  2. Dude, seriously stop posting fucking links if you are not here to engage the rest of the group. The message board does not exist for you to spam it.
  3. ction claims that he never received a warning.
  4. Are you going to post anything other than articles from your publication?
  5. Nine sixers is a lot, Lammy.
  6. You went into the only part of the menu that matters. Buffalo chicken has no place in a Mexican-style anything.
  7. You have got to be fucking kidding me.
  8. Do they have a song called "No Heartburn"?
  9. I ate four pieces of pizza and I wish I hadn't.
  10. True story: in the early-mid 1990s, I used "Hazel-Rah" as one of my handles on the internet. I also may have said "silflay hraka" around that same time more than once semi-unironically.
  11. Limiting the spread of emerald ash borer and other invasive pests is not foolishness.
  12. Hey, now. Save that tense for the tomorrow thread.
  13. The thumbnail looks like Lisa Simpson.
  14. This is not difficult to understand. The Star Wars franchise has made $27 billion and is hugely important to multiple generations of Americans. Muddy Waters is great and a foundational influence on American popular music, but there is zero chance that a Muddy Waters museum generates 5% of the tourism revenue that a Star Wars museum does.
  15. I think Lammy is trying to hold in a fart.
  16. Why would Al Gore selling a bicycle convince you that he's taking global climate change seriously?
  17. I'm still pretty sure that cat would benefit from eyeglasses.
  18. Pertussis has been making a comeback over the last half decade or so, largely as a result of Jenny McCarthy and her team of vaccine deniers.
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