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  1. Pretty sure the correct response here was "No shit, narc."
  2. SELL THEM FOR $25,000/POUND.
  3. Because they don't really care about a wall and want it as a wedge issue for the 2020 election.
  4. Congrats on cleaning up that homeless grandpa and getting him to his job interview.
  5. Your local police will come out and cite them for trespassing if you call often enough.
  6. Why would you feel sympathy for someone who willingly takes and keeps a job? Nobody is forcing her to be Trump's mouthpiece.
  7. He also says he thought he was the only one with a key to the gun safe, so he's definitely lying about something. Either the kid kept his guns in a different safe (or wherever), or the father didn't know what guns were in the safe that he had the "only" key to.
  8. Gonna go ahead and take credit for this one: Fact checked by Fox News:
  9. It will be the "best and most watched State of the Union address in the history of the nation" regardless of what the actual numbers are.
  10. No kidding. He's essentially ensuring that we'll have a terrorist attack on U.S. soil in the next 12 months.
  11. Don't rule out Washington fumbling away Kirk Cousins and making a play for a 37 year old retread before slipping quietly back into irrelevancy.
  12. People who often travel to countries with antagonistic relationships (Israel and Syria, for example) can get multiple passports, so the Syrians don't see the Israeli stamps and vice versa.
  13. Today I will ride my bike three times.
  14. See if you can borrow a larger microwave and put your microwave in that microwave and see what happens. Just might do the trick.
  15. I realize I'm behind on this, but did you try putting the old battery in the microwave first?
  16. Take one of your wife's (or your) old pantyhose, put mothballs in the toe, tie it off, and put them under the truck. When we were living in Providence, we had a rat somehow get stuck to the bottom of the catalytic converter and die - probably brushed against it when it was hot and couldn't free itself until it died. Took a long time to figure out where the smell was coming from.
  17. Do you think you can fit the truck in your microwave?
  18. I didn't assume anything, bucko.
  19. Today I have spent three fucking hours trying to get a pen to connect to the internet.
  20. Hi, you must be new here.
  21. Yes, he won by a convincing margin in the electoral college, yet received at least 600,000 fewer votes. Call it what you want, but there's nothing dominant about his victory.
  22. I don't think a candidate can claim a dominant victory while losing the popular vote.
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